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  1. Tried the soccer script at the field in Mirror Park a few weeks ago with some friends, the sync was terrible. I'd love to see a basketball script though
  2. the difference is that theres ACTUALLY a lot of teens with guns shooting at each other because of arguments and gang affiliations, but on the other hand, you dont have 6'5" asian lesbians driving $260k+ cars dressed in cat ears going around fucking everything that has a heart beat. Dont quote me to argue with me cause its not debatable, its a reality
  3. * uses BMX because its realistic for my character to NOT own a car " M's cant rp for shit they only know how to use bikes " also yall * M character drives a slightly expensive car " he a gangster coming from the slums why is he driving a 100k+ car " 😑 hop off it already U literally get $200k on ur first 40 hours of playtime if U spend none of it
  4. they so krazy 😨 this is fire keep it up
  5. No. The server used to suffer from texture loss a few months ago even without the projects so it's a no from me. ^^^ this literally all it takes to fix texture loss
  6. The pictures are usually from gang members from the actual gang in real life, so they are related.
  7. And also, I think that's the whole point of masks? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think most of the people use masks to have the benefit of being unrecognizable in some way
  8. Let it be an IC issue bro. Maybe they just like how it looks or they don't want people to see their face. Instead of debating, question it IC. And if you're a cop, start stopping people on the streets and tell them to take the mask off their face.
  9. A mask is a mask, no matter how it looks. As far as it covers a portion of your face? It does the job. How is it play to win? It's just another mask used to hide your face and make yourself less recognizable. Even if you didn't have the " MASK " in your nametag you shouldn't metagame because like I said before. It's a mask that's covering a portion of your face.
  10. No, cops don't need more buffs. They got extra health, infinite guns, infinite supplies, they got some type of "metagame" (TeamSpeak or any other sort of Voice Chat) and canine units which are faster than the average character running. If you got ALL of those advantages and you STILL take L's? That's YOUR problem. Play smarter, not harder.
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