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  1. Maybe instead of personal attacks you can address this. And tell me how you intend for this to work with an automatic speedticket.
  2. Yes, that would be gaining IC knowledge that hasn't been expressed IC. You've also failed to address this. There are a thousand situations in which you'd go over the speed limit without ELS on.
  3. We swap vehicles all the time. It would be metagaming. Also this would stop you from making Code 2 approaches at speed.
  4. And partnered units? What if I'm driving someone else's car, because they got injured? C'mon. No, it shouldn't work on LEO/FD cars. You sometimes speed without ELS on for various reasons.
  5. Yeah, so how exactly would it work on PD/SD cars.
  6. And how would the speed camera know who the driver is, instantly ticketing you? They work based on plates, not face recognition.
  7. It should outright not work on LEO/FD cars.
  8. This doesn't tell me anything without knowing what settings, resolution and PC specs you have. I have compared the non-GTAW and GTAW versions of the game extensively. Performance is far lower here for some reason, that is undeniable.
  9. This is a 2013 game. I have hardware from 2018. If I'm experiencing FPS loss there's something wrong with what mods the server use. Drive through a dealership with 40 cars out and you will.
  10. It's not necessarily the LEO vehicles, it's all the modded cars in large amounts. If you're rocking a 3090 and a 5 GHz CPU it probably won't make that much a difference but this is a 2013 game and you shouldn't need 2020 hardware to play it
  11. The biggest issue with performance is the amount of assets you have to load. I don't think 50m is that big a difference, how many extra cars can that realistically be. rather I think we should get rid of the modded cars that affect performance ( and this isn't just LEO/FD vehicles, I went to a car sale and my FPS dropped to 30 on an RTX 2060S ). Make cars despawn automatically after 1 hour of not being used.
  12. It's not just LEO cars. I went today to a dealership and my FPS went down by 20, on an RTX 2060S/16GB RAM/Ryzen 5 2600, which should have no issue maxing this game. It's all the modded cars, not just LEO ones.
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