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  1. That's weird, I might be wrong in what I said for all I know. But generally it is agreed upon in law enforcement factions when it comes to role-playing response time. Maybe a Staff Member can shed some more light on that policy.
  2. You are blowing the situation way out of proportion. As has been said before, there have been numerous occurrences and especially in bigger departments with much more resources (the LAPD, which we draw continuity from) that multiple units respond over something that could be considered petty. Although, a felon is not something I would really call petty. A lot of the fellow faction members within the LSPD where I had the pleasure to personally speak and RP with prefer the super interesting RP over something such as a pursuit. That is exactly why the entire faction does not respond to pursuits, because people have different mindsets and draw fun and interesting role-play from many different sources that the role-playing community has to offer. At the end of the day, people are here to have fun and role-play, this is a role-playing community (and a game) and it is sometimes inevitable to have a lot of units join the pursuit. Not everything can be overly realistic. As I mentioned before though, law enforcement factions do continue to progress on the field of how to make things more realistic and enjoyable for every party involved and it is safe to say that legal factions have progressed a lot and will continue to progress.
  3. The way it is right now, we go by the in-real time it takes for you to drive from Los Santos to Sandy and Paleto Bay in-game. So I guess that'd take around 6 minutes, as mentioned before. You do not have to RP it as 3 hours but the time you actually drove from an OOC perspective.
  4. I understand where you are coming from. I believe that the entire ''correct approach'' does not lie in bringing issues up, but how they are brought up. From what I have seen, a lot of the criticism on LEO factions are most of the times not even criticism, just ranting that are far from principled and constructive.
  5. Agreed, I feel like the narrative that is being brought up right now is as if LEO factions revolve around this ''cops and robbers'' play-to-win mentality, which is simply not true at all. You have bad apples everywhere, it is inevitable in a community with a variety of people and differing mindsets. LEO factions and factions overall went through a very positive development and are still holding onto this progression, which is something that should be noted too every once in a while.
  6. Sorry to hear that your experiences went like that. I, however, do not share them. I have seen multiple units respond to a 911 call while there were on-going pursuit(s) in the past. There are a lot of people in PD currently that just prefer passive role-play over ''action''. Some of them barely or just do not respond to pursuits or even shots fired calls.
  7. Okay... you are quick to judge LEO rp'ers within the community but you have no real role-playing justification for driving off, other than wanting to bait PD into a pursuit. All of this is baseless. In real-life police departments (which have continuity in this game), there is no ''unit limit'' to a pursuit. When someone drives off, he is considered to be a felon. There have been numerous occasions of people driving off from a traffic stop over petty stuff in which a lot of units would pursue the vehicle. This can be seen back in mostly cities with big departments, take the LAPD for example. I feel like you aren't willing to discuss in good faith, judging by the dramatic scenery you are applying to something that is fairly simple to understand. Exactly why do LEO rp'ers lack common sense? What is common sense to you? Base your statements with arguments. EDT; To quickly add onto your last message, other units still patrol the city while there is a pursuit going on. Not every unit is forced or willing to tune into a pursuit or to assist with a traffic stop (if additionals are even requested).
  8. So why did you drive off over a busted headlight?
  9. Piepstem

    Map changes

    Dunno, Davis Mall doesn't really fit up with the vibes and types of role-play you see back in Davis, as mentioned before, removing the mall for the projects will probably work better for the RP that Davis usually reflects.
  10. Perhaps safe to say that it might be because of the update? I noticed that there have been quite a lot of issues lately, such as games not running for example. I think it should be fixed after the update, if it still persists then we always have this thread open and I can dig further for you.
  11. Try reinstalling it. It could also be because of conflicting mods..? Try verifying too, else you could try a clean install on Rage if the issue persists.
  12. How did you solve it? For future references?
  13. What output does it give you exactly?
  14. If you haven't fixed it yet, you could try reinstalling Rage MP or the game itself. And yes, you will have to download your server assets again.
  15. Have you tried verifying your game files maybe? Maybe a complete re-install of your game?
  16. He used a different monitor too as far as I know, I don't think it might be the issue of the person's wide monitor but outdated drivers maybe?
  17. I think you will have to get in contact with a Staff Member then, preferably lvl 4.
  18. Hey, if you still remember the username and still have the e-mail that you initially registered your UCP account with, you can request to reset your password. Which can be done by getting on https://ucp.gta.world/login and pressing on the blue text saying ''Forgot password?''.
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