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  1. Buyout. I have sent you my contact information ,in email.
  2. 1118 Imagination Court. Exterior pictures : Here Interior Pictures: Here A lovely house in the heart of Vespucci Canals. It has two bedrooms, as well as two bathrooms, and a living room, and a kitchen. The house has a small back yard, as well as access to the waters. Bid format: Name - Phone Number - Bid - STARTING BID IS $1,00,000 Buyout: $1,572,231 ((OOC PINFO))
  3. Can you pass me your dc in pm's?
  4. Have you tried installing the gpu on another mobo?
  5. Name:Kylee L. Bid: Buyout; I do have a business plan, which I can provide in person.
  6. Apartment has a living room, as well as a jazzuci room. The apartment comes with one kitchen, as well as one bedroom, and one bathroom. Pictures Below. https://imgur.com/a/0anH1uL Starting : $600.000 Buyout: $1,100,000 Min. Increment: $20,000 Auction ends: 28/11/2020 ((MP:325K Furn:126k))
  7. Purchasing a property in Vespucci or Mirror Park. Must be two stories, the hosue has to have a garage. Large Budget Send me an email to [email protected] ((Forum PM'S))
  8. Offering $160,000 for banshee
  9. Will buy it for $300,000.
  10. Offering the starting bid as buyout.
  11. Offering 175,000 as buyout
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