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  1. how do you expect change to happen if you literally don't know who's doing what you say they're doing and can't report them? you seriously expected people to read this thread and think "omg so inspirational im gonna change my ways at once"?
  2. then what do you expect to happen?
  3. then propose a proper solution
  4. you're the one saying reporting IC'ly won't work... just trying to follow your mindset here
  5. this... if there are so many encounters as you say, take the time to record every single one of them, put them into a video and make LEO factions look bad
  6. 1) every LEO RP'er is already expected to do so, hence it is a problem that cannot be solved via this topic as it will have to target specific players, and those who don't RP LEO properly won't give a rat's ass about yet another topic on the forums 2) people will choose IC'ly who to report and who not to, you can't change people's IC mentality with an OOC topic 3) subpar RP'ers already get yeeted. people who aren't yeeted probably aren't as subpar as you think also stop comparing LEO to illegal RP, if LEO's were to start RP'ing up to the standard a lot of illegal factions seem to uphold...
  7. i haven't read the initial post up until now so let me address some things here "Recently I've noticed that LEO RPers have been given a blanket excuse to stop any vehicle for not stopping at each and every intersection in the game." can only be done if you broke the law unlawful stop? IA/courts "I refuse to believe that every cop has the required corruption perms" you don't need corruption perms for something as trivial as a traffic infraction "They also only acknowledge this law when it comes time to stop an illegal RPer" cops IRL do it all the time: break laws themselves but enforce them anyway "Cops will come straight at you and then turn off a few seconds before impact to grab your plate information" It does indeed happen yes "These things all become impactful when it's every cop in the city doing it" pay your insurance and have a license and we won't have a reason to stop you + only traffic has ALPR
  8. then propose a solution to the problem
  9. there's literally nothing we can do with this topic... cops are already expected to properly RP and follow laws and ... the only way to combat things like these is by identifying the individual cops and them being reported and if they did infact do something wrong they'll get dealt with if you can't do that, well... tough luck. this topic will get locked in no more than 24 hours probably.
  10. 1) not everyone is SWAT in this topic 2) what do you expect from a topic like this? for it to be taken seriously?
  11. literally nothing will change from this topic and it'll just turn into a shitfest like it always does both of these videos are old as hell for one and for the second video, the cops got punished by admins
  12. Commendations & Complaints Desk - Los Santos Police Department (gta.world) Player Reports - GTA World Forums - GTA V Heavy Roleplay Server San Andreas Courts - GTA World Forums - GTA V Heavy Roleplay Server have at it
  13. because it's not commonly known
  14. because traffic lights aren't synced and haven't been for months
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