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  1. Update 3.0.0 Additions: http://gtaw.link will be down due to change of hosts. The server DNS will be relocated which can take up to 48 hours depending on where you live. There will also be a change in UI design and the backend framework (Laravel to Next.JS). All short URLS and short URL passwords will be saved and transferred over. However, you may not be able to access the website until the DNS records are fully updated. EDIT: Seems to be working fine on my end. Again, may take up to another 22 hours before it fully finalizes.
  2. Sorry, I don't know how I didn't see this. It's been renewed.
  3. Update 2.1.0 Additions: • A password field to links. You can now add passwords to your redirects! This password will allow you to share the link to only people with the password. ( Note: Passwords are hashed, but due to security, we do not recommend using any secure passwords you may use for important information. )
  4. Cool Stats I haven't really published anything on this project of mine in a while. I had some ideas here and there, however haven't gotten around to finishing them. However, I would like to share some cool statistics about the site, cause well, why not. I do still monitor the project for downtime, etc. Perhaps I could get to some of the ideas if I have time, however enjoy the statistics! Number of short URLS created: 679 Number of clicks on the short URLS: 1,000+ Shortest slug: 2 characters Longest slug: 45 characters Shortest link: 14 characters Longest link: 247 characters Number of times gtaw.link has been used on Discord: 1,367 times Most active country: United States
  5. Update 2.0.0 Fixes: • Fixed an issue with link validation. The website will now /correctly/ check what characters are placed in to make sure they can be used in an URL. • Fixed an issue with slug checking. A cheeky bug was found that could overlap existing short URLS, which has now been fixed. Additions: • Added a whole new feel to the website. • Added tons of new security checks behind the scenes. If an issue comes with the VPN checks, you can contact me on the forums. Should also mention. Due to the link validation error, users who created slugs with incorrect characters will most likely get an error trying to get to their site. You are more than welcome to create a new link!
  6. Update Fixes: • Fixed an issue with the footer. It is now sticky and will follow as you scroll. Additions: • Added a changelog page. • Added a help page for new users. • Added a new logo to the main page. • VPN/Proxy detection. Due to recent attacks, this will stay for a bit.
  7. ** The following advertisement can be found on various job searching sites. ** Do you have what it takes to protect one of the largest universities in the country? The University of Los Santos San Andreas is looking to hire new security personnel. Benefits: Competitive Salaries (30-60k plus bonus) Friendly Work Environment Expansive Health Insurance Plan (Including Dental + Vision) Security Personnel: This position is a key feature in keeping the University of Los Santos San Andreas a safe and friendly place for the up and coming majors. You must be in possession of a high school diploma, valid drivers license, along with a state-issued Guard Card (GC). You must have great work etiquette and a good attitude. Responsibilities: Responding to civil complaints on campus. Handling stressful situations. Campus perimeter protection. Coordinating with the Head of Security and Faculty. Managing campus security cameras. How to Apply: If you meet all requirements and are interested in becoming apart of the team, you may fill out the application located at https://security.ULSA-edu.com ((gtaw.link/ulsasecurity)). Any questions/concerns can be emailed to [email protected] ((Forum PM @Jimbo.)) (( OOC Notice: This position is here to provide realistic and believable roleplay to the students and players in the area. You are also expected to be active within the faction. ))
  8. GTAW - URL Shortener gtaw.link About: Recently while browsing the forums, I found a faction using Tinyurl as their supplier for short URLs. It gave me an idea to make one dedicated to GTAW and include the name in the link. That is when gtaw.link was made! Usage: • Once at the main website, you will be prompt with a form to create your short URL. • The top box labeled "URL" is where you would place the URL you would like to be redirected to. (Ex: https://forum.gta.world) • The bottom box labeled "Short URL" is where you put the shorten version or slug. (Ex: forum) • After clicking "Submit" on the forum, you will be prompt to a screen showing recent links made, in which you may go to the site you just made! (Ex: gtaw.link/forum) Note: Only one slug name can be used, for instance if the slug "forum" is in use, you will not be able to use it. Bugs/Suggestions: If you stumble upon any bug/suggestion feel free to PM me in which I will hopefully get to fixing it.
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