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  1. The $200,000 isn't even the problem. Sure it contributes to it, but isn't the source of the issue. The issue is that people use the $200,000 stupidly. We've all started with the $200,000, good and bad roleplayers alike, and there are some people that use it properly: to get a base for their character and develop up. People who spend all their money on ricing out their expensive vehicle would probably be doing dumb shit $200,000 or not. They won't miraculously become better roleplayers because they're forced to grind for their money. These players need to learn to improve. But the whole economy reset is a bit much, and kind of derailing the suggestion. Sure the economy could use a rework, but honestly? It's not as bad compared to what it could be. Fitting almost even for a video game. Establishing something like $1=10 IG $ would help, and adjusting the vehicle and maybe even property prices around that idea would be sufficient in my opinion.
  2. Short description: Take a look at the current price values of vehicles and adjust them based on what their real live values would be, instead of whatever seemingly arbitrary number is chosen. Detailed description: Currently, there are quite a few vehicles with prices that make almost absolutely no sense. Quoting my good buddy, "the tesla suv costs more than literal lambo tier sports car". It would be a long task and probably be a rather major update, but it's definitely something that should be looked into. How would your suggestion improve the server? Currently, trying to roleplay around the vehicle economy is kind of wacky. I can't pull any vehicle models off the top of my head because I couldn't even name off 10 vehicle models on the server without a bit of struggling, but I'd like to think it's a pretty well known problem. People might be upset over their expensive vehicles losing value, but in the long term it would make everyone but primarily those who roleplay around cars have a better and more immersive experience if they're not spending $400,000 on a car which realistically wouldn't cost as much. If vehicle performance needs to be adjusted for some vehicles in order to make the price make more sense, instead of having a car that would be $30,000 on GTA World perform like a high-end sports car, then so be it.
  3. It's relatively simple. Once you get an image made (assuming that's what you want to use, you give the note a name and then under content, paste an imgur link to the image and it'll display when you /useitem or /shownote. Would be perfect for this type of thing, and honestly, I'd love to see it and come to one of these raves.
  4. Don't hate me buddy, I'm just replying with that because I can't give any more reacts today. But if you want a valid argument against it, I played on a SA-MP server where they actually had this idea. It was pretty annoying. You couldn't time anything realistically, events would be all over the place. For businesses, it doesn't change the peak time players are on, so you'd be seeing nightclubs opening at like 6 in the morning some days. Overall, it was just kinda shitty, and about half the server hated it. You weren't really experiencing nighttime, because everything that would normally happen in the middle of the day is now happening during the middle of the night because people aren't going to just not play because of the in-game time. It's a suggestion that has good intentions, but would just play out badly. Sorry.
  5. the deadly toxic virus known as the rcrp community spreads to other communities after destroying its host
  6. This ^ People get too heated though when it comes to shit like this though. At the end of the day, it's not like someone's disgustingly short /me's or obnoxiously long /me's are going to destroy your own experience completely. As long as there's good roleplay happening, who cares what someone else does? There's no real benefit in shitting on other people's styles of roleplay as long as it leads to overall quality roleplay scenes. I've made decent roleplay out of people that really can't RP for shit before, so the length of someone's lines shouldn't be severely impacting anyone.
  7. Theoretically possible, practically never going to happen. Although for age, you can add wrinkles to your face, that's about as good as you can get really.
  8. All I want is a proper AR-15, even if it was just the carbine rifle locked to semi-auto 😔.
  9. @honey. out here doing god's work
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