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  1. I have to agree here, there needs to be some sort of revamp of the system the administrators are using because it just is a joke, as seen above a player disrupted roleplay for 6-7 other people and only received a 15-minute admin jail, whereas a person who drove up to Mt Chilliad with an Asterope RS receives 90 minutes which probably disrupted 1-2 people's roleplay. Maybe it's not a bad idea to start considering bans instead of admin jails, a ban for a day will teach more than 15 minutes of admin jail does.
  2. Report the people who abuse it, as said plenty times before, don't remove a feature because a few abuse it. Removing this would cripple a side of gang roleplay because nobody'll want to buy drugs anymore if they have no use for it. this.
  3. As said before, the suggestions are suggestions that don't mean they are 100% gonna be implemented into the sererver, I believe the devs have been doing a hell of a job with fixing old systems, adding new content aswell as fixing those 20 pages of bug reports that (were) open.
  4. Once this gets fixed, then yes.
  5. he wants gaps, basically being able to put his weapon and ammo in one line, and food in another, and drinks in another etc.
  6. This definitely helped on my end, still got it turning into low quality but roads have stopped disappearing, same as buildings. Thanks!
  7. offering $550,000 still.
  8. $500,000 since you're not getting any more offers.
  9. This was useful when there was no animation, but that's different now. Please remove this.
  10. Got the same issue with 114. Seems to only happen when there's 500+ players online however which is very weird. Also only happens while driving from Hawick direction..
  11. sky~


  12. Since when do you hit Z to enter an interior? You can also just swap the key out in your settings.
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