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  1. Still for sale as I wasn't available for a few days
  2. Still for sale as I couldn't reach out to the buyers
  3. I'm buying the Torrence, contact me on 895-7119
  4. Okay, since other communites have their threads, I thought that I should post one for RC-RP. So, come on out RC-RP people!
  5. Vapid Razor for sale. The vehicle has major engine, suspension, transimisson upgrades as well as a supercharger. In terms of security, it comes with a second-gen Anti-Theft system. 17 days of transferable insurance. The car has a clean look, classic wheels, brand new tyres and is overall well-maintained. Comes with leather seats, automatic gearbox, GPS and xenon lights. Only 100 miles on the odometer. The price of $75,000 is not negotiable. (( OOC INFO ))
  6. Got a Rancher XL and a Sanchez. PH:895-7119
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