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  1. Executioner : Engine has been tuned (4/4), new transmission (3/3), turbo, bush bar has been installed and a fresh tint (3). Vapid Sadler: Engine has been tuned (4/4), a new transmission (3/3) and a tint was done (3). Also installed new wheels, a light bar and bush bar. Both vehicles do very well off-road as well as city driving. Open to offers but please no low-ballers.
  2. Ubermacht features: SOLD. Brakes 3/3 Transmission 3/3 Engine 4/4 Turbo Tint level 3 Yosemite Lowrider features: (Sale pending) Lock: 1 Alarm: 1 Already a very fast truck, no upgrades needed! Open to offers, low ballers will be ignored.
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