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  1. Cracka

    The Red Devils

    SUPPORT YOUR BIG RED MACHINE Peshian's demand it.
  2. Had the same issue and it was Razer Cortex causing the issue (no idea why) so if you happen to have it, bring up task manager and end task on that (go into the details tab too just to double check it's no longer running) as well as any other Razer apps. Hopefully that'll fix it.
  3. Fully reworked engine Aftermarket brake and rotors Aftermarket suspension Brand new aftermarket transmission and turbo new tint, aftermarket rims and wheels Open to offers, feel free to email me [email protected] ((forum pm))
  4. Title says it all.
  5. Noted! ((Having issues with rage currently but I'll keep you posted))
  6. I just ended up resetting my PC after trying everything you can think of and now it works. Bit of a pain in the ass.
  7. Yours if you're still interested @_vlad
  8. Started yesterday, sits on validating server assets briefly with no loading and then jumps to launching game and closes shortly after. No error codes, have tried reinstalling both rage and GTA, verifying files, closing any background apps, running through admin etc. I have no mods, Single player works just fine and launches without issue.
  9. Complete engine overhaul Brand new transmission fresh tint and new rims Loud, fast and your wife will hate it. [STARTING BID] $140,000.
  10. Title says it, if you have one, feel free to email or comment.
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