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  1. i live in LA and I've seen hella asians wear masks just for their safety. honestly haven't seen any other race wear a mask but I don't think it should be forbidden to do so. IRL they coulda gotten onto masks like that cuz they still existed beforehand. i guess let it be IC?
  2. I agree with this point. SA:MP didn't have as many 'bro/dude' female characters as V has. I could be wrong, but maybe common roleplay has just decreased in like... Peripheral quality? Because I see good RP still, but some small things that lightly contribute to the character aren't being RPed as much. (sorry im high so my vocab goes into a blender)
  3. Name: Jules Bid: $83,000 Contact Number: email @Edanster
  4. i've been smoking for a couple years now, but since the pandemic started, it's been daily. I'll get high once or twice a day. How do you feel without it? A LOT better? Or just a lil bit lmao, I wanna know if it's worth it to stop
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