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  1. Username: Dustin Rivers Comment: Apologies for the late reply. Cheers for all your responses. I won the championship. If anyone at the network has that selfie of me and Dennis, please forward me it. I'll pass it around in his honour.
  2. Big business exterior, party under the hood Performance package installed, not that the V12 needs it Low mileage $220,000 ((OOC))
  3. Fleet changes daily, cheers for the offer though. Inventory updated
  4. ZR380 $170,000 ((OOC)) Remus $95,000 ((OOC)) Gauntlet $65,000 ((OOC))
  5. Tow truck sold. Penumbra still available.
  6. Unfortunately? Lost all credibility in the first sentence. Cheers
  7. Unfortunately don't have any pictures. They're both stock. Very low miles. Custom plate on the Tow Truck. If you buy both, you won't need a friend to help take it back. Can tow the Penumbra home. 22.5k for each.
  8. Aviators on, greased back hair, arm out the window of this green hulk of a whip. Still for sale
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