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  1. Not interested anymore, sorry.
  2. Sorry, it’s sold. Forgot to edit the advertisement.
  3. timmy.

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    Pulling back my offer bought a different car. Not interested anymore.
  4. Selling a Lampadati Komoda fitted with a performance package. Offer a price if interested. ((OOC STATS))
  5. Looking to buy a Maibatsu Penumbra FF, the car for offering can be completely stock or modded. If interested you can message me or send me a mail on [email protected] .
  6. I'll buy the Faggio Sport for 4500.
  7. Deal, you can PM me your number.
  8. The vehicle has been fitted with a performance package along with a better lock system. Vehicle has been maintained well and held and driven on the sundays. Looking to get around $80,000 OOC stats
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