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  1. let them live in their own bubble i guess, it doesnt affect my character or rp, so i couldnt careless, but it do be annoying when u come across those types of /examines
  2. Because they want that clout for being the shooter on gtaw
  3. I don't know why people like rping tough and hard all the time. RPing with flaws or weak is way more fun in my opinion.
  4. Great guide, I highly agree with what you said, "First of all, one of the biggest and most beneficial methods of addressing the issue of separation is actually recognizing that you are doing it in the first place. You'll never overcome the issue if you don't understand or accept that you're doing it in your character. Some Self Insertion is absolutely harmless, one example of this may be liking the same kinds of foods. It's harmless and doesn't really display bad writing. " thats correct, you do need to go through a self-insert phase to actually understand that you're inserting yourself in a character. That's also where you start to realize how Roleplay works and actually able to create unique characters and stories.
  5. I never forget this LMAO, we also warned her not to go through with it, afterwards she got clowned hard on FB. great times.
  6. The mid 1980's to either America, like Miami or Tokio, Japan.
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