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  1. Property Information - https://imgur.com/KwnTUH6 Interior and Exterior - https://imgur.com/a/iB1nYoc Starting Bid - 250.000$ Current Bid - Buyout - 350.000$ PH - 74493772 or mail me ((MoreLike#3879 - Discord))
  2. MoreLike

    Island or Not?

    True however wiki says that it's still an island regardless.. Because San Andreas is mixture of other things than California. For example Nevada. Also I'd rather RP what I see than imagine it being a part of the continental US.
  3. I used to play FiveRP and got bored of it then my bro mentioned GTAW to me and I gave it a try, liked it and stayed.
  4. Maxed out Dinka Jester for sale
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