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  1. Spent the last 7 months or more developing a character in the county. It is a lot different than I first imagined, in a good way. Definitely recommend making a county character if you never had one. But try to base it somewhere in Harmony, Sandy Shores, Grapeseed or Gordo. Paleto is also great but at times can be very disappointing. Unless you wish to join Park Rangers, then Paleto could be a way to go.
  2. what's real life? is it a different server?
  3. If that was the case, businesses wouldn't have component shortage due to people "grinding" as you say. I think a lot of members of the community share the same opinion as you do, pretty much shaming the truckers by calling every single one of them a grinder, and then you are surprised people don't want to do that job. Most businesses are open for two hours a week and they receive most of their deliveries when they are closed, how do you expect a trucker to RP with owners / managers of the business if they aren't open during the deliveries? And then same businesses call those truckers grinders. It's worth mentioning that if truckers don't RP properly and just "grind" as you say, they are punished by admins, every single trucker I have encountered has RP'ed as much as they could given the circumstances, mainly the way script works. Shortage is caused by the large portion of the community who have the same opinion as you do who keep shaming truckers and then the same people are bummed out when players don't want to do the job.
  4. oMg is dat Stanty? I'm a huge fan!!!

  5. Improve visual effects (previous weed effect was cool), add more disadvantages to withdrawal.
  6. Improve the addiction system. Make it harsher and less forgiving. Add more disadvantages and negative effects during the withdrawal period.
  7. The only active trucking company I see nowadays is IMEX. I believe the main problem is that garages require a lot of components and they are located close to the Terminal. Regular businesses usually request 200 crates on average while garages request 10,000+ and that number goes up extremely fast too. Truckers can focus on those garages only and they won't ever run out of work while other businesses are left unattended. One way to solve this is to increase the capacity of the trucks. Currently Speedo holds 5 crates, change it to 7, Boxville from 8 to 10, Mule from 12 to 15, Benson from 15 to 20, Pounder from 20 to 30. That way truckers will have a legitimate chance to keep up with the amount of components garages spend and then focus on other businesses too.
  8. 2 gallons is way to generous for this apartment. I can't accept it.
  9. The auction will end in 24 hours. Current leading bid: $200,000.
  10. Sure. 20th of December can be a deadline.
  11. There is no specific date set. Yet, at least.
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