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  1. I always thought Sheriffs portrayed real people very well, including Deputy Gary Cobb who is a regular patrolling Sandy and always acting as a community liaison with Sandy residents. Big shout out to Cobby. Travis Barton is also a solid guy I've seen around who definitely strikes me as a person first and a LEO second and not just having his whole image be his badge which is really common for people to do who are too lazy to develop characters. Others I can't remember the names of that I've interacted with good or bad scenarios they always felt realistic and fair.
  2. Username: FuckDebonairesGolds4life Comment: good morning yea yea is what I tell my lawyer when I wake up in the cells.
  3. Critchalee

    Ban ERP

    This thread is one big nothing burger nothing’s gonna change people. Buckle ya seatbelts
  4. History The Old Cronies began as friendship between a group in the Sandy Shores community who share the same passion for motorcycles. Each friend brought something different to the table, whether it be “Fat Phil” and his tow truck or “Jeb” and his expertise in first aid as hunting in the County isn’t easy when you’re 250 lb of pure American flesh being carried by 50 year old knees. Whatever you needed skills or otherwise the community came together and provided. Earl and Jebediah, two individuals with history in the “biker” scene sought to create a Club for those within Sandy Shores giving people who you’d see as Eccentric, Undesirables or outcasts a home furthering their itch to restore part of their old lifestyle. After a long hiatus in the dirt roads of Sandy Shores, the two began gathering other like-minded individuals who didn’t share the values of the 99%. This group came to be known as the first chapter of the Old Cronies Motorcycle club, the name which stems from their beginnings as a group of friends who were always there for each other, resembling a family. A family which happens to be filled with bastards, lunatics, unique individuals and eccentrics all qualities which are much too familiar in the community of Sandy Shores. They roam the County and keep to themselves. Known for their long hair and beards, unclean and very unruly. Often viewed as an offensive presence by the higher echelons of San Andreas. Home To some Sandy Shores is a place they’d prefer to visit by driving past it on the highway, it isn’t the prettiest sight. Though “Home” can blind that fact and the Cronies love it. The Cronies are fully integrated into the local community and you’ll often see them doing charity rides to help those in need within Sandy whilst promoting a good image for themselves. The Cronies know the roads like the back of their hand, and as they already were known by the locals membership has surged. If you’ve heard of the Cronies then you’ve certainly heard of their parties, they go hand in hand, Cronies love to party. They have been known to throw a trailer bash or two, some arguing that Jeb’s place is the party capital of Sandy. No toilets are in service. Extra Information / OOC Please do not post screenshots on this thread without permission. Any questions Contact @Critchalee @Falrock
  5. I am a lead member of the three word /me movement and I say to hell with your 100 word emotes
  6. Waiting for people to respond to RP in a rule would be dumb and this seems more like a rant than a suggestion. Unless there's an admin there to enforce it, hardly anyone will accept the results of a /me fist fight because nobody wants to lose. Script removes the grey area of /me in fights completely as when you punch someone they have the opportunity punch back, dodge it or run away I think this is the best way to handle fights. I'm not a fan of reading 100 word emotes of how your fist will break my face, just left click at me dude.
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