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  1. imo we should: 1. give out much more severe punishments icly and oocly. this includes auto-ck for getting killed by cops to longer jail sentences. oocly just ban the morons making shitty robberies and such. 2. drastically increase the amount of handguns on the street, and make automatic firearms (at least rifles) much more rare. that way pf robberies and looting would be reduced and so would the 14 year olds wearing rifles. 3. implement a better drug system. atm they are not being pushed on the street enough. make addict rp desireable again. 4. overall push a higher rp standard. this includes getting rid of both the generic ptw thug lifers and second life cringelords. gtaw will never be as realistic as real life and nor should it be, but getting rid of the most blatant unrealism would not hurt.
  2. Franzese jumped out of the tree, and came at me with a chainsaw! I gotta right to defend myself!
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