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  1. (( Can you PM me with a brief character story/justification for owning the property please. I won't sell this to anybody who just buys houses to flip them later on. ))
  2. (( Can you PM me with a brief character story/justification for owning the property please. I won't sell this to anybody who just buys houses to flip them later on. ))
  3. FOR SALE 2329 JAMESTOWN STREET, RANCHO Property comes with two single garages, one front and one back which leads into the rear alley. And a large yard space. Image Library: https://imgur.com/a/dvae3P5 Bidding Information Starting Price: $100,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout Price: $225,000 (( OOC Info )) The property will only be sold to someone who can prove they RP in the area either within a faction or alone. I won't be selling to property flippers with no intention of using the house in-character.
  4. x3 Vehicles for sale - Ubermacht Sentinel | Vulcan Ingot | Albany Primo No swaps or trades, cash only Ubermacht Sentinel Full performance and security options Starting price: $50,000 Buyout price: $85,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Vulcan Ingot Performance modifications Starting price: $10,000 Buyout price: $40,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Albany Primo Performance modifications Starting price: $10,000 Buyout price: $25,000 Minimum increase: $5,000
  5. Caleb arrives at Morzae "Slicc" Watkins' apartment following a phone call from Soriya "Vicious" Banks. Morzae has taken an overdose and paramedics are fighting to bring him back to life. He's soon pronounced deceased and this causes both upset and frustration amongst the group. Caleb's emotions get the better of him resulting in him being detained. He’s taken into an interrogation room where he’s challenged on his affiliations with Rich Money Mafia and its associates, including deceased Jordan "JC" Chambers. During the interrogation, he’s searched and found to possess a gun, eliminating his chances of walking free. He's questioned about a Rich Money Mafia affiliate, "Tae", who LSSD OSS believe to be a female. Caleb quickly plots a fake story to cover up his affiliations with the real Tae. Caleb is given the opportunity to remove Tae's contact information from his phone, Ariel Shay towers over him, missing Caleb's sly move seconds prior. Caleb's anger and impression that he's walking out of the sheriff's station a free man tonight gets the better of him again, he makes an attempt but is restrained moments later. Caleb is dragged out of the interrogation room by Ariel Shay and Monty Myers, he's taken through the arrest process.
  6. Big step forwards to help the illegal scene. LEO air units are extremely OP and as a member of an official faction, I’ve seen first hand how they can spend 20-30 minutes hovering over a location which just sets everything back for the illegal scene.
  7. Out of Character Our faction is based heavily on the real life counterpart: Palmer Blocc Compton Crips. While Palmer Street does not exist in game, we portray the Almond Blocc Soldiers clique. This is due to the fact that the geography of the area we are setting up in is accurate to the real life geography of Almond Blocc Soldiers' (see here). We aim to capitalize on the unique opportunity of having a setting that is very comparable to our real life counterpart in order to create a highly immersive environment. We encourage anybody to come and join our Discord server. We have information there for anybody who is interested in joining our faction or roleplaying in the area with us, along with a number of guides. The larger long-term goal is to have a neighborhood that feels like one that is dominated by a street gang, with various residents in the area as well who may not necessarily be aligned with the gang (i.e., local business owners). Any questions can either by forwarded to @Theory (Theory#4466) or asked in the #questions channel of our Discord server. Character permission kills should be forwarded to Theory on the forum.
  8. Or people who get punched outside of nightclubs. You’re pointing the blame at illegal roleplay, but have you considered that a lot of illegal RP is obviously unfair on the victims even when the roleplay is legitimate? Ie robbery, scamming, or shootings (Just as you’ve outlined). I’m not saying all reports are invalid, but victims are quick to seek sympathy for their loss regardless if its right or wrong, because it’s an inconvenient loss to them.
  9. yh where's official for the trannies?
  10. 3600LX for sale. Performance package and <300 miles. Offer.
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