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  1. 20k for the Primo.
  2. Accepted. Yours in 24 hours from now if nobody else bids.
  3. Accepted as the starting bid. You win in 24 hours if nobody else bids.
  4. Other images available in the gallery 101 Occupation Avenue - Floor 2, Room 25 A small apartment situated within the apartment complex on Occupation Avenue. The property itself comes furnished to a high modern standard, and has the following facilities, kitchen area, open plan living and bedroom area, bathroom and a small storage room. Further to this, apartment is on the Northern side of the complex, meaning that you have a view of Vinewood, which is spectacular at night time. The complex on Occupation Avenue is of low risk to residential crime, and occupants of the complex are friendly and approachable. A quick-sale offer may be accepted. Gallery 101 Occupation Avenue - Floor 2, Room 25 Bidding information Starting price: $85,000 Buyout price: $190,000 (( Out of Character Information ))
  5. Damn. I’ll do your asking price then.
  6. Jordan


    Not interested in bids.
  7. Jordan


    Would you take $150,000 right now?
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