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  1. Yoak

    Oildale Peckerwoods

    keeping it white n right @Moe nice
  2. Yoak

    K-Town 깡패

    jay jin making tik toks ?
  3. Yoak

    LS Eurasian OC

    the simp wins again
  4. Ban underage roleplay
  5. year the car was made in the factory
  6. It’d be a good thing to have but then I think there needs to be focus on the current phone bugs before adding new content
  7. I’d personally love it. Even if it was ran by admins but you still had to include roleplay when it comes to buying a property, that would be a huge boost. Another server I came from had this and it worked extremely well.
  8. this is somewhat rpgish, not sure it fits the server for the actual suggestion I don't see the issue with purchasing the twelve-month option but permanent could work?
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