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  1. gachette

    My best encounter with a peace officer was also a deputy, rarely do I see a non-origninal and un-happy with the pay deputy. I like to see variety with public servants, some more focused on work and making their living, the other genuinely there for the community and there to help it. It's not easy to find two like minded people in South LS from both sides though. It's all dependent on the values one has, I'm hopeful to see many more peace officers focused on the RP rather than just getting one more arrest on record or getting their money. I genuinely wait for the day to see a PO interact in some original roleplay with a member of a poor community. I'd appreciate if members of police department did their research on videos like these more than these;
  2. gachette

    It is more rare, I do understand most cases are serious, but once you come across a minor you have to deal with, it'd be appreciated to take a different approach to it - try to get yourself involved with the community you patrole everyday, try to speak with the people in it, get yourself involved. It doesn't always have to be responding to a call when there's so many opportunities around you. See a basketball game? Challenge someone to a one-on-one, something of the sorts, this is what I'd like to see from the police.
  3. gachette

    If we look at a petty crime, what I'D like to see - would be an officer that gives the question of ''Is your big brother, mom or dad home?" A lot of people I know have another player roleplaying an older sibling. The fact is I'm slightly tired of seeing every officer roleplay so similar to one another, making it seem that they just want the arrest not the roleplay out of the situation. I've no problem with PD but something passive can always be RP'd and there are ways around sentencing which obviously mainly comes down to the officer himself. I've also never seen a corrupt police officer, nothing of the sorts which I'd personally love to see.
  4. gachette

    Very well said but some creative roleplay from a PO would be lovely to see once in a while as well.
  5. gachette

    I'm sorry but I'm lol.
  6. gachette

    You don't have to? /do A strip search is done on X, what is found? works just fine
  7. gachette

    I'm sorry but I'm getting the vibe that the police roleplayers here don't have the understanding that minors get away with a lot of crime do to them. being. minors. We are focusing on petty crime here, not murder.
  8. gachette

    Strip search on a minor? That'd only be in Juvenile hall. Not on the street.
  9. gachette

    people in south central grow up hating the police, riots and so forth in history being perfect examples. If you're in the south bereau of PD i believe you should research how citizens function in them as well. For me most officers have one intent and one goal, and it isn't creative roleplay. I can promise you most would gladly NPC their guardians if they were given the chance.
  10. gachette

    because the kids are the ones that run the streets and are most active in them. Without UNDERAGE characters down south you'd have 50% less scenes to tend to.
  11. gachette

    Under 18 characters are essential for poverty/gang roleplay. CPS is not needed, the fact if a juvenile commits a petty crime and gets a sentence is what we're at here. If I were to see myself as a police officer that'd be more enjoyable RP for me, not straight away taking them away to get your arrests up.
  12. gachette

    Definitely with this, petty crimes commited by juveniles usually end with a warning and drop off at the house. If we look at the fact that there is no sepparate housing for juveniles, throwing them in adult jail shouldn't be the cause for the crime.
  13. gachette

    La Mara
  14. gachette

    with Snoo?