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[!] Property Management Community Meeting Notes

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  • Cover intentions for the next 3 months
    • Leasing update - special vehicle leases and the status of that, prices varies on the vehicle and were set by Nervous.
    • Leasing update for storage units/containers & offices, you will be able to lease these out, currently 1 at a time until further notice. They are price dependant for example should you lease an office in Richards Majestics it will have a significant price change as for those in Textile City, for example.
    • We have renovated part of the inactivity script, whereby, multi-story interiors/apartments were not being recognised, but now do, this will put them back to the market.
    • In addition to this, a new script is being developed whereby deleted characters (identified with the _old characterisitic in their name) will be sweeped for hoarded properties and be released back to the market.
  • What have we done regarding the feedback?
    • We have, as it stands, a 86.6% turnover of all houses/properties etc with only a 14.4% rate of denial - majority of denials have been due to players being banned or not replying within 3/4 weeks.
    • We are doing more quickburst house requests to populate the map more, this means turnover is within a week or a week and a half due to how short they are.
    • Project schemes to encourage niche/unique roleplay, after the community thing, announce the new location. Once PM leads agree on a new location we will announce it.
    • Actively working on accommodating more and more requests, finding solutions such as those who do not have funds, for example, this recently came to light but there was a request that was great, however, player did not have funds, thus we leased out the property until they can pay in full. An example of accommodating all requests irrespective of figures. Though this entails being "closely watched".
    • Approachability with recently new joined members have accelerated that - we work on engaging with players and the community more to build up a relationship where players feel comfortable to reach out regardless of rank or title.
    • Response time, whilst not perfect, on the up!
    • Forum DMs on my end (Selena's end) are being handled on the daily.
    • I, personally, have encouraged people to ask questions and made myself available in VC to offer my guidance and support where needed, however, this is not to be an expectation across everyone, this is a choice I make to become more approachable.
  • What's been fixed/added?
    • Pending shop requests with questions now show once more, we pended shop requests and the user couldn't see what for.
    • We're working on implementing a panel for explicitly county properties so we can manage them and add to them as time goes on.
    • We'll be adding an option on the current request application for 'County Properties' so we can handle quick requests that way - just easier for us to manage.
      • They are technically only for trailers, if you are requesting a standalone house or business please use the house request/property request section respectively.
      • The app for the trailer application is just a backstory & if it is a new character or not, check Y/N.
    • Lots of leases did disappear/delete when people terminated them, this has been fixed.
    • Those who terminated a lease whilst in the LTB program, would leave them in that panel, this has been fixed.
    • We can now identify if a location you are requesting has a script already so we can set it to you.
    • Due to high influx of trolling in/at Davis LTD, we have revoked access to the business for an intended 2 week cooldown period, however, was reduced to 2-3 days/
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  • 1 month later...

For the Community Meeting that commenced on the 15th July 2023 at 1500 hours:


  • Cover the intentions for the next 3 months
    • Releasing of the new Leasing Systems
      • Vehicle Leasing being released
        • Touched bases on the new vehicle list and showcased the categories and new vehicles being added such as OpenWheel, KitCars (not to be mistaken with KitKats) and others such as RC banditos for those who expressed interest in such a unique avenue of RP.
        • Furthermore, praised those who assisted in making this new system possible such as the likes of Gibbz, FatCat and Nervous ultimately for approving the new overhaul. This praise further stemmed explaining the additional dev work required for this as the leasing side of things was heavily lacking any sort of support administratively. Thanks to Gibbz PM are now able to add and remove any vehicle they deem necessary or requested by players/admins. 
        • Explained the time it has taken and thanked those who are patient about the entire thing. PM recognises its taken a long time and it's something people really want. PM see that and hear you. This system is being essentially redone and that includes the likes of the application, the backend system supporting leasing, a panel to handle these leases, adding leases, setting temporary leases, handling expiration and not causing ,,TOO MANY REQUESTS''.It's been so wonderful to see this bloom and PM are looking forward to releasing it very soon.
        • In addition to the above, pricing came up - it was expressed in the meeting that IG lease pricing is an issue, which PM will discuss, however, one hurdle PM are looking to get right and jump correctly is pricing of the UCP special vehicles. As this economy grows and so on, PM are looking to liaise with Nervous to ensure not only the pricing is OK but that everyone is on the same page with it. This is the only thing we have left to do for leasing - that and pushing the new application 🙂 
      • Office Leasing being accessible without request
        • This was explained by Selena where we are discontinuing Office Lease Applications and making it so (and we will release a feature showcase) you can go to the desired Office and /rent it. This is a lease, it will take money from you as it would prior - however - we're removing the application stage as it is just unnecessary to have and wastes not only the players time but PMs too when 99% of them are accepted.
        • When /renting the Office it will be taken off the market and be occupied by yourself. These offices will be accommodated with a Blank Business Script to kick start peoples unique ideas and facilitate to those across the board.
        • In light of this new update - PM have created over 168 offices to grab and will be listed in the coming week or so (could be the week after). Varying from High-End to Mid-range to Low-end to ensure the map has a fair quantity. The prices of the offices differ based on the area in which you choose.
      • Containers, as above
        • See above, the same applies.
          • It is worth noting that Sandy has had a massive update and we've had additional containers added - so from 10 units we have roughly 40. But the above still applies.
      • Storage units, as above
        • See above, the same applies.
    • The new update, obviously a massive change
      • Touching on this - we have had a massive update thanks to the likes of Tiddy and Nervous - Nervous for approving such a big update and Tiddy for making it happen. We've had 100+ properties added, repurposed the Motel into apartment (40) blocks, added a low-end swimming pool, additional businesses and just populating Sandy Shores with the love it deeply desired.
      • We added a Memorial too to remember him inside the new SD station which I thought was a heartfelt addition.
      • With that, we've got additional updates on the way for the county including the likes of Paleto as requested, however, liaising with Tiddy it will be suggested and got to when time is freed up to do so.
    • Forum suggestions that we're working out are to be a priority
      • Selena took it upon herself to go through the forums and look for suggestions for PM - those that are dated and new. It's all been compiled and documented within the Discord. Irrespective of date, the intention is to weed out duplicates, implemented suggestions and add a list of suggestions for Development to review. This in a statistic form is 57 suggestions.
  • Feedback, respond to it, assess it, discuss it
    • Selena went through all the feedback and briefly commented on it - she mentioned that prior to this meeting the first time she did this it kept everyone for 3-4 hours, which was too long in her opinion, thus, she said all PM have commented on it and those she read out (all 26) she commented on and agreed with some and explained others.
    • She wants to stress that despite PM being far from Perfect we're striving to connect the playerbase with PM in a more positive light - looking to make not only our lives easier conducting PM duties but also for player experience to be easier. Reiterated turnover time which had increased by 300% since October 2021 and how our response time is increasing, far from perfect but in the right direction.
  • What's going to be added/fixed going forward?
    • With the above being said - our focus on Feedback this month has been QoL changes and business script suggestions/feedback - it was constructive and really interesting to see what everyone who participated had to say. 
    • The intentions with this feedback? Selena will compose a suggestion list and push it to Development to get some of them pushed out quicker. In light of this feedback, the wonderful 808 developer has improved the Business menu and adding a cooking script. All tying in perfectly with this months focus. With more to come, please stay tuned and I look forward to pushing out new updates, improved systems and collaborating together for an overall better experience.


That concluded the meeting, however, Selena took suggestions from the 70 people who engaged in the meeting and took note of each suggestion. These will be pushed to Development - as and when the team get to them 🙂


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  • 1 month later...

For the community meeting that commenced on the 26th of August 2023 at 20:00 hours (UK time):


  • Going over: landlord scheme, pricing, couple of new rules in the works, and general consensus of how leasing is

    • Firstly - landlord scheme

    • TABOO? We hate it. But it’s being worked on.

    • Essentially, it’s going to be on the UCP

    • Selena is coding it - it will take a bit of time, ETA IS DECEMBER

  • Application is quite easy - it’s more so ‘checkboxes’ than lots of writing

    • It’s not going to be a long-winded application, it’s a check this, check that from a drop down

    • Covers which region, how many properties you wish to obtain, character information, business name - is it a new or old business? Can pick north part of the map - and it’ll give you a selection of areas

      • Ex: Northwest - Morningwood Or Del Perro, etc - then in that area you select the properties that have been preset

    • We ask for a brief background story of the business and how you got to the point of landlording 

    • Very interactive on the player side; as admins, we can add more interactions and whatnot, more to this to come.

      • Only issue is time 

  • Questions:

    • Is it open on a cycle or always open?

      • We will see how it goes, once it gets going, we’ll ask down the future and see what the players want; probably when we drop it - it’ll be on a cycle at first

    • Is this considered part of a ‘business’ like is this included in your 2 business limit?

      • Realistically, yes; if you’re pushing landlord it’s a business direction for your character

    • What type of properties can be included? Is this residential only or should a commercial prop be considered?

      • Residential for now, commercial will be considered later on

    • Will the landlord scheme be monitored so it won’t just be a money printing game?

      • Yes

    • Will there be a way for someone to have a monopoly?

      • Discussed and probably not; not many like it - there will be limits to prevent it

    • Would there be any plans to make them sort of legally obliged to deal with things like fire safety in their properties and stuff too?

      • Yes - SFM

    • Is it limited to only city - or to county?

      • Not limiting to just city

  • Secondly - pricing

    • How we price things (megasheet is shown - it shows houses and the pricing of the housing we have already priced from past requests)

    • A property map was added/changed to several times of what the price ‘roughly’ are - ‘reference points’. 

    • Trying to find a middle ground at the moment right now because previous PM was a bit finicky/confusing with prices; we’re currently re-doing the prices for some of the areas

    • Last 3 cycles - we have documented every single house pricings

      • We have 244 properties priced at the moment (houses only)

      • We have a list of almost all the houses on the server and office leases to make it easier to check

    • Moving forward - it is likely the community will have a sway on how the pricing works

      • Give it a little ‘push’ of what the pricing currently is

      • Iron it out ourselves, then offer our ideas to you guys for opinions

      • Since it obtains economy/money issues - it has to be ran by Nervous afterwards (whether it goes up or down in price)

    • We do not want property or house prices to be hidden as it is - so we are working on transparency to fix this issue

      • Prices include: basement? Attic? Location? # of floors, etc.

  • Questions:

    • Will there be a rule or guide section in place?

      • Rules - no

      • Guide section - probably we want to make pricing accessible to everyone so they know what to expect

    • Will you price all 15k properties?

      • I guess so, it'll take a while.

    • The new rules that are in the works!

      • There have been a couple of cases where properties have been accepted/denied where suggestions came back or feedback

      • There’s a misconception that we need to clear up admin record - so there is a rule surrounding this now that is written down as well as general activity

      • Admin record does not weigh massively on your request - depends on the rule broke and severity as well as it’s for

      • Ex: Script abuse; property flipping - this is PM orientated and not a good light

      • Toxicity and powergaming in the last week on your record and you apply for a business - it most likely will be denied 

      • If it’s a warning - we probably keep it in mind; ajail - depends on how long; if it’s a BAN - denydenydeny (recent)

      • What we have written / agreed on (subject to change)

      • You need one month of no admin record; this also depends on the severity and reasoning (see above examples) if it’s against PM rules or not. So if you want to put a request in - make sure you’re clean for a month and DURING the handling of your request as well.

      • It is a case by case basis.

      • Script abuse in the last month - very unlikely to be given another script in the first month it goes by

    • Questions?

      • What if it’s a verbal warning?

        • Depends on it - if you get a verbal for money exploiting, and then go for a business that gets a lot of money - we might go HMM

          If I have a request open and it’s currently pending SM lookover to get it overturned or not - what is the process?

          We liaise with SM and we say ‘we’re waiting on X to move forward with Y

    • New rule - CK and changing names and whatnot during requests

      • If you have a pending request up and you’re CK’d - your pending request will be denied

        • If you think it’s an unfair CK - go through the proper avenues and if it’s accepted, we will reopen your request and continue

      • Namechanges during the request - your pending request will be denied

        • This is because the request no longer reflects your character - you had written a backstory on John Doe - but not Jane Smith - we don’t know who Jane is. The request goes null.

        • Namechanges for already owned leases houses/vehicles/businesses

        • Ask the correct point of contact - this depends on a case by case basis.

        • Most of this has already been done, we’ve been doing this for months ,but now it is written down for your knowledge and more transparency

    • Questions:

      • Why can’t I comment it?

        • It’s tedious, and if the applications are still open - just resubmit the request. We read the entire request on John, and now you wanna talk about Jane in the comments after we’ve already given opinions

    • New Rule - General consensus of understanding of activity

      • We understand commitments are a thing, touching the grass, job searching, annoying partners - we get it. 

      • However, if you’re going to request a business that will require a lot of activity (most do) - and you have an average of 10 hours a month… 

        • It’s likely we’ll ask about it - you give us nothing to work on, then we’ll likely deny

        • If you give us a personal issue (be vague) - we tend to try to work with you 

      • We’re not expecting you to have a set requirement, but we do expect a stable activity

      • It’s not mandatory to high activity to get a business - but if it comes to leases, we do favor the higher activity applicant if they have a solid application as well.

  • Leasing feedback

    • Leasing has dropped a couple of update - leasing things in game (offices, malls, storage containers) 

    • Bugs have come up - we are rectifying these as much as possible (thanks to masterus/milliondollarthug)

      • We have a few  things being worked on:

      • Vehicle lease to buy - in the works

      • Creating something - propose it to you later (what are we creating?)

    • Questions:

      • The mall thing being quite successful would there be any plans to say make other malls spread on the map (even smaller/less expensive looking malls) for different income kinda rps?

        • Suggestion to make other malls elsewhere, it is something we are looking into, but it involves modding and that team si incredibly overworked atm. It is possible, but it’s on hold pending the modding team, not us

      • What about cars that are mass produced into the dealerships?

        • Could be entering the server, we need to run it by Nervous

      • Why don’t we go by queue number?

        • Sometimes, we do it in batches that have the same applicants - we do these together, we cannot handle them one by one. Same with vehicle leases now as a ton of you applied for an itali rsx for example - we’re not going to give out this rare car out to 5+ different people

        • If we see a request for a windsor2 versus a caddy - we’re gonna do the caddy because it’s a ‘quick and easy’ request. We’re trying to eliminate simple/easy request to get as many out the door as possible

      • Are the current vehicle leases on hold?

        • No, however, LFM and Selena are talking as a couple of request got us going ‘sorry what’

      • Is it first come first serve?

        • No, it’s based on the application and who it’s better off to (making sense wise)

      • Is there any possibility of a better system that requests can go by easier?

        • We are trying to streamline + remove questions that we don’t need; we’re trying to figure out what we can remove and what is the longest part of the application; we are trying to change/alter - but if you guys have changes/suggestions to this - please let us know

      • Any updates on blackjack bug?

        • It should be fixed

      • Can you make it so we can edit the application?

        • What if you make a whole new application and just rewrite it basically - it’s a no from us chief

      • Why are LFM asking about IRL wages to my legal faction position?

        • It’s for PM houses/vehicles and if you can actually afford it or not.

  • General Questions:

    • Mortgages - 

      • Can you add a button that says ‘pay installment’ on it?

        • Sure

      • Can we pay them quicker?

        • Sure

    • How can we lease mall stores?

      • /availableleases and see what one is available! Then /lease - do NOT /rent

      • If none are available, property inactivity report on the UCP

    • How can we get storage units?

      • /availableleases as well

    • Does it help when I say "X character is taking out a loan for X" Whether it be property, car lease or just a lease?

      • If it’s happening IC and an actual thing - yes.

    • Is it possible to lease cars weekly? I.E for specific events etc if I wanted to?

      • Yes forum PM Wuhtah/Soup

    • Casinos mapped inside apartments, ok or nah?

      • nah


Credit to @Wuhtah for taking the notes!

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  • 4 weeks later...

For the community meeting that commenced on the 23rd of September 2023 at 21:00 hours (UK time):


Talking topics:

  • Community Feedback
  • Landlords & Where PM is at
  • Changes to House Requests (brief)
  • Guides & Transparency
  • Mapping/Modding Panel
  • Item Schemes
  • Feedback Bot
  • Appeals
  • CFT Suggestions
  • Garage Idea
  • Inactivity Script

Community feedback:

  • Thanks for all your suggestions - we are going to go through a couple as some are necessary to discuss.

    • “Stop giving players mechanic garages”

      • This is a hot-take. In our staff meeting, we’ve discussed ways of combating them. This is an idea we’re pitching: We keep player leased garages, but we limit how many are given out. In response to the limitation, we put it in a NPC garage. You take the car up, you put the car in the NPC garage for a set period of time - whether it’s 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day - it’s TBD with the time period. 

        • Questions:

          • What's the benefit to keeping player run garages then? Is there like a reason to go to one? Cheaper?

            • They don’t lose their car for a long duration.

          • so you take your car there, and it's like "impounded" for X hours?

            • Sort of - yes.


  • Feedback is no longer open to just a specific subject - it’s open to all now.

Feedback Bot:

  • This is the same thing with the forms, but it is not as anonymous so if you want to talk shit - you’ll say it to our faces this time around. 

Landlords & where PM is at:

  • Application is complete.

  • What isn’t complete - getting every other subteam involved. We want their opinions in it - we’ve asked IFM, LFM, RPQM on what they’d prefer to see and whatnot. 


  • Looking at functionality in game now as well.

    • Selena will be making a topic after the meeting about what they’d like to see when it comes with the landlord stuff. She will ask if we can share the landlord application to you guys. 

  • Estimated time is end of October or mid October now instead of December.

    • Are the rules surrounding landlords changing - with renting?

      • PM will construct rules of how much/how far a tenant can go with maliciously selling an interior and whatnot. If you have more things to add to this, please let us know! This is mainly to protect the landlords and the properties.

House Request Changes

  • We were trialing area-specific houses, it made a LOT of difference internally, it saved a lot of time on our side - however, it did not make it easier/beneficial for you guys. What came about - players waited months for a specific area. 

    • We are coming up with a way to come up a way to organize it internally.

  • House requests are now open map wide.

  • We’re working on house request lists, leases, properties, etc that are available and easy to be updated - sort of like trailer requests right now.

  • Questions:

    • Regarding house requests, shouldn't the available houses be listed on the real time map? https://map.gta.world/ This way admins don't have to create a list, they can just showcase them on the map.

      • For houses, it’s been broken for awhile and we’re not sure who was in charge of it. Perhaps we’ll look into this.


  • We’re looking at a way to present a video - shows PM sitting down and doing requests, but with ‘dummy’ requests. This will show you guys a clear understanding of what we look for / how we process things on our side. JackieH is working on a couple more guides as well. 

  • Requests are based on a voting system - it’s a bit difficult to show this. Basically, if Oxygarum says no, Wuhtah says yes - we require one or two other opinions to move forward. 

  • More info about appeals, guide process, etc etc. 

  • If you don’t mind your request being used an example for us to have a ‘dummy request’ on - send Selena a forum PM and we’d take out your character’s name and anything that is related to your character that will make them noticeable. Accepted and denied please!

Mapping/Modding Panel

  • We have the mapping request, support and showcase in the discord. We have a very small mapping team since the demand is so high. 

  • Mapper portfolio’s and everything will be seen by you guys, and what they are looking for to map.

  • There is a mapping application that is like the one in Discord that you can use on the UCP for the mappers. 

  • Mappers can mark as pending that they are handling, once they finish mapping they can hit concluded.

  • This can be requested for faction properties, businesses, houses, apartments, etc.

  • This will also help modders as well. 

  • This is estimated to release mid/end October.

    • Questions:

      • @Selena Is this only for PM mappers - or anyone who wants to be a mapper can get access?

        • Only for PM mappers currently (on the mapping team).

      • Can people request to be added to the list if they provide a portfolio and such?

        • That'd be the same as applying for the mapping team, so they can apply for it and become mappers!

Item Schemes

  • We are working this to be on the UCP. A vast majority of it has already been coded - it just needs to be done now.

  • What is the item scheme? Find out more information on the forums - I’m not writing about all of that.


  • Players & PM hate them both - so what do we do? We put them on the UCP - wooo…

  • The appeal system - you could see the appeal button, aha that does jackshit. It now actually does something. Hit that button and you can appeal the decision of the denial. It is now live. 

  • Selena shows off the appeals of what it looks like - if you didn’t show up, sucks to be you. 

  • Questions:

    • Will there be more guidelines set out of how/when a player should post an appeal so we're not swarmed with the same # of appeals as we had requests? @Selena

      • God yes, we’re composing something. There will be an internal and external guide. 

CFT suggestions:

  • You guys make suggestions over there that’s PM sometimes.

  • You guys want add cigs + beer to 24/7 scripts. Fine - ok, have it. 

    • We might be adding one type of cig/beer for the scripts for now.

Inactivity Script

  • Thank the fucking god because Wuhtah is gonna cry with how many inactive shit she goes through

  • There’s a data sheet, and it makes it easier. Internal change. No ETA - we asked multiple times. We got laughed at.

Suggestions from players:

  • We don’t like the queue system (showcase)

  • Hotel suggestions

  • 24/7 suggestions


  • New racing script? When/how?

    • Forum DM Jackie/Wuhtah/Oxygarum for now. We’ll set up a shop request later on.

  • How about making it public when there are responses to property requests? Do not disclose any of the comments, who made what, but even a simple "Application is currently being reviewed" whenever there are comments (which means the application has been picked up).

    • We have a bot that pings us when a player comments on a request. It’s annoying and dead 80% of the time because it’s overused. NGL.

    • This is something we can look into it - bot to show players PM are commenting on requests.

  • Has a decision been made yet on monopolization of the landlord system?

    • Still getting some info from LFM/IFM/RPQM. 

  • with regards to inactivity holds, is there any plans on lowering the 3 month maximum? it does hold up some properties from active players who could request them, and partially defeats the purpose of /vacation

    • You can request longer than 3 months, if it’s a fair reason - it’s not often.

    • Oh, ignore Selena, she’s thinking - hold on. Silence pending.

    • Holding it only for a month? We’ll pitch it internally and see, but 3 months is a good middle ground..

    • Well, perhaps when you submit an inactivity request, you could do it a set number of times. 

    • Make it player requestable for how long PM holds their properties.

  • would you be willing to move things like DIM requests to UCP as well? I had one out that hasn't been answered for nearly 2 months

    • Yes.

  • I think there has been a lot of inconsistencies with the change of the standards on who gets their request accepted or not, do you think there's a way to find more unified standards for everyone on requests?

    • We’re trying, but it’s so hard to make a universal thing. It’s how you write it as well. If John Doe was a doctor, then said mechanic then said sike I’ma be a lifeguard, then is racing and then is doing an art gig and modeling. Like bro what?

    • Requests are really subjective in a way, each character has a backstory, employment, finances, etc... They are all different

    • https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/85390-property-management-requests-guidelines/

  • btw, is there any flag on whether a house address is a house/apartment anywhere in the database? if so, do you believe that future house request lists could have a new (HOUSE/APARTMENT) flag added to them?

    • Yes - soon:™:

  • Please add a warning, just like in trucking but for mechanics. Whenever a player buys something, they should receive a message that they have to RP it. I'm tired of reporting people every day


Casino roulette slots - just apply for them under misc requests, but we’re trying to move them to the UCP too.


I love wuhtah ❤️ - Selena

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