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Property Management Requests Guidelines

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As many of you know, requests have significantly upped in quality and expectations, both from players and from the Property Management Team. It’s not uncommon to see requests that lack a lot of the information we actually need to properly judge a character and the request itself before making a justified decision of approval or denial.


This has been an unadressed issue for a long time, and most people don’t really know what we are looking for exactly, and a lot of you have complained time and time again about not really knowing what's required. Those complains didn't fall into empty ears, we took the criticism and hence why this guidelines were made. The questions on the UCP don’t fully cover everything and we understand it can be considered misleading to an extent.


For this reason, this will be a post that will outline what we, as Property Management, look for during the reviewing stage of requests, as well as a transparency post so the whole community is aware of it and can always reference back to this post as some sort of guidelines should a player wish to request a property, house, lease, you name it.

We understand this can be a bit overwhelming and daunting, specially if you are a new player, but do not worry, it doesn't need to be a novel-like long post, sometimes a few sentences, as long as those details are covered on a minimum basis, are enough and we can handle the request properly. And if we need clarification, we can always ask you during the request. 

The idea behind these guidelines is to make it easier for you, the players and us, Property Management, and hopefully reduce the handling time during requests. A lot of the time we take to handle requests is sinked into asking questions and waiting for replies - If these guidelines are followed to a minimum, we should be able to expedite the process and avoid those waiting times.


Minimum Requirements for all requests


The absolute minimum information we request is covered by the questions on the requests themselves, however not all of it is covered. For that reason, this is the list of minimum requirements:


· Full Character Backstory

· Current character arc/story and development

· Reasoning, this includes:

- Why does your character want to request this property

Does it make sense for your character

What pushed your character towards this property


· Affordability and finances

Can your character realistically afford this property


· Age and assets, in relation with the backstory and development

Are your assets realistic?

Do your assets match the character you are looking to portray?

Do your assets match your development and age?

· For property/house requests, you can add 1-2 alternatives should the original property is owned. This will open up more options for you, the players, when requesting something and it'll make it easier to process and go through requests in a more timely manner, as instead of asking for additional properties, they'll be already mentioned in the request and we can reference those straight away, skipping the time asking and answering would take.

You can always use this image as reference: https://i.imgur.com/7J25hP5.png





Property requests are requests mostly focused around businesses and RP ideas you want to make a reality, be it a business, a hangout spot… It’ll be a property request.

Property requests don’t have a set of questions for players to answer. It’s mostly IC and OOC justification for the property. However, here’s a set of questions you can use as guideline and mínimum requirements for this type of requests:


· Character Backstory

· Reasoning for the property

· Character development towards this property

· If it’s a business, what experience does your character have? Is it justified for your character to go for this type of business?

· Location – Although it doesn’t matter much, we want to make sure the reasoning and the location make sense. I.E: A low income worker from Vespucci wants to open a restaurant in Paleto.

· Affordability – Can your character afford this property? Does it make sense for him financially?


Apart from these questions, always keep in mind the “minimum requirements” posted above.




Houses and residences are one of the most sought out properties in the server, and it’s not a secret. A lot of people apply for houses every cycle, amounting to hundreds of requests depending on the month.


Houses, however, are slightly stricted than properties. This is because of the limited amount of residences on the server and availability due to the size of the playerbase. We expect an extra level of effort when applying for houses.


County properties, however, are very sought out and scarce. These properties are heavily scrutinized and we make sure they always go to players that actively roleplay in the county. We have a county scheme in the works that will make it easier for players in the county to acquire properties, however.


Without further a-do, here are the basic guidelines for house requests:


· Full background story and development of the character

· Heavy and solid reasoning for the house

· Affordability

· Does it make sense for your character?

· Does the property fit the character you are currently playing? Is it realistic for your character to own this property?

·  What’s the motivation of your character to pursue this property. Would any other property available outside of requests fit their needs?

· Does your character have a partner? Are they going to live together? Will they split the mortgage or house costs?

· Location – Does it make sense for your character to live where the house is located?


As for property requests, we always expect the “minimum requirements” to be taken into consideration while doing the request.





Leases are an alternative to property requests, allowing you to acquire a business in exchange of a monthly quota instead of outright owning it. This businesses are more easily monitored by the Property Management Team, which helps us control their quality.

The basic questions for property leases are the following:


· Why do you want to lease this property? (Minimum 250 words)

· What are your plans if you get accepted?

· What experience do you have? (This refers to IC experience as well as OOC experience)

· What’s your character backstory?

· Do you have a criminal record? If yes, explain.


These questions on themselves already cover the majority of the information we need while reviewing them. For leases, we tend to be more lenient in some aspects for various reasons; As mentioned, it’s easily monitored and we can step in should there be any concerns. It’s also no owning a property, so affording it is definitely cheaper from an IC standpoint.

However, same as for other requests, we also look for:


· Suitability and development – Is your character suitable for this property? What pushed your character to pursue this lease?

· Affordability – Can your character afford this lease?

· Assets – Are your assets realistic, taking into consideration your character’s age, backstory and development?

· Location – Does pursuing this lease make sense location wise?


Any extra details you include in the request that give us more insight are also appreciated.

Always keep in mind the “minimum requirements” posted above.




Vehicle leases are requests that allow you to have both personal and business vehicles without having to cash out from buying them directly. Some vehicles you can lease are also not available in the In-Game dealerships, making them sort of unique.


Vehicle leases could be split in three categories:


·         Personal Vehicles

-   These leases are self-explanatory. Vehicles you will use as your main way of transportation for your character.


·         Business Vehicles

-   These vehicles are not necessarily your main way of transportation, but rather vehicles you use for your business, part of the “Business fleet” if you will. I.E: Taxis for a taxi company. Race cars for racing events. Trucks for trucking companies, etc.


·         One Time Vehicle Leases

-   These are vehicle leases that are not included in the leasing list itself. Any vehicle from GTA V can be requested, with the current restrictions and requirements set in the announcement we made about these type of vehicles. These vehicles are more “unique” than normal leases, and we expect an extra level on effort when applying for them.

Link to One Time Vehicle Leases: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/67184-special-one-time-vehicle-leases-program/


The base questions when leasing a vehicle are the following:


· What’s your background story?

· Vehicle plans

· Felony record


However, during the vehicle lease request, we always look for more than just that. We also look for:


· Affordability

· Assets and development – Does it make sense for your character to have this vehicle? Is it realistic? Does it match the character you are trying to portray?

· Type of vehicle – Is this vehicle too luxurious? Is it too unique? I.E: Vehicles that have only 7 of them made in comparison to mass produced vehicles.

· Do your vehicle plans make sense?


Keep in mind, the felony record WILL affect the outcome of the lease. If you are requesting a vehicle and your character has a vehicle related felony, it will most likely be denied.


The way we measure this, is by having a clean felony record relating vehicles, and if not, a clean felony record regarding vehicles for a mínimum of 3 months before the vehicle lease request. I.E: If you had been arrested for a hit & run or evading (Or others) in the last 2 months at the time of the request, it’ll most likely be denied.


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