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thread2.png?width=521&height=670Courtside Gangster Bloods dates back to the late 1980s and was a product of the Cambodian Genocide in the 1970s. Many Cambodian refugees settled in the United States with many groups moving into the section 8 homes of the Vespucci Canals in Los Santos. These families were met with challenges throughout the years with their environment coming with struggles such as gang activity and money issues. 


Gangs that have already been established would often see these groups as an easy target to pick on. Fights, robberies, home invasions to even stabbings often occurred in their neighborhoods with them usually being the victims. This caused the beginning of a deadly and violent street gang to form in the 8100 section of the Vespucci Canals other known as Imagination Courts. 


The youth began to run the streets while building a reputation they could take pride in, they were in many beefs against surrounding gangs in the area but quickly fell in line when multiple males from the area would find themselves facing charges. They would build connections and quickly established a foot hold in Vespucci, they found themselves in an alliance with a Blood gang other known as the W/S Krazy Miller Boyz, an established Asian Blood street gang. 

This alliance caused the gang to have a falling out with many other neighborhoods, mainly Crip neighborhoods. Throughout the years they would adopt the Damu culture and claim to be Gangster Bloods. Members would be in an out of jail but maintained to keep a strong influence on the streets with a reputation of being violent.

In the 2010s the gang began to deteriorate, its older members being arrested and charged for serious crimes, the youth falling apart as the structure was crumbling along with it. The blood influence stayed in the 8100 section with a couple of groups of the youth residing in the area started to band together to keep the reputation of their neighborhood flowing. 


threaddd.jpg?width=808&height=670Courtside Mobb was a small time clique formed by kids running around committing petty crimes in their neighborhood to keep their friends close to each other, following the formation of Courtside Mobb another clique showed up by the name of Ready For War. Both had strong ties to the Courtside Gangster Bloods. These two cliques were as tight knit as can be, the two new names posed a threat to other gangs in the area and they found themselves in street wars rather quickly. While the group quickly made a name for themselves in the drug trade of Los Santos, they also lived up to their roots and fought off rival gangs while keeping their neighborhood in tact. 


After the passing of a factor and close friend to everyone in the neighborhood by the name of Aiden “Gudda” Hyeong, the teens would quickly pick up the pace and were responsible for a string of shootings and robberies within the following weeks, even shootings involving the Los Santos Sheriffs Department. The noise they made would cause a shock in the city, they took their Blood affiliations more seriously which caught the attention of locked up members of the Courtside Gangster Bloods. Two high ranking members of both cliques were blessed into the Blood gang, taking their members along with it.


Westside 81 Oriental Boyz is a newer name established by the youth in the Vespucci Canals, the name comes from their location being in the 8100 section of the Canals, Imagination Courts to be exact. The subset is known to be the main factor in most of the street crime in Vespucci, Los Santos. The Damu influence is being spread all across the area with its ties being directed back to CGB and the Oriental Boyz. They’ve picked up beefs throughout the years with all Crips in the area and stick to their “Crip Killer” roots.




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We aim to portray a realistic community of South East Asians with a deep background of a gang affiliation in Vespucci. We roleplay a fictional concept turned into a fictional form of an Asian Damu gang. As of right now we're an invite only faction, if you have any questions or with to roleplay with us you may message @the price of tea in china, @West Brakkin, or myself.



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