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Saejima Financial Services, LLC

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Go far. Together.




The world has never been predictable.

Which is why families, individuals and foundations have counted on us to manage their wealth through decades of ups and downs.

Our proprietary investment process is built on time-tested principles. Listening to your needs. Setting goals. Limiting risk. Patiently investing in high-quality companies.

In our most recent survey, more than 90% of clients said “yes” when asked if they would recommend us. It’s hard to imagine a more meaningful benchmark.





In a world run by algorithms, our clients benefit from human skill and insight that have helped them consistently prosper through bubbles, recessions and pandemics.


As a client, you can expect to have a wealth plan tailored to meet your financial and life goals, and a customized portfolio built from our investment strategies. 


Through Saejima Financial Services, you will get the know-how and advice you need to navigate economic trends and life events with calm confidence. You’ll work closely with your dedicated Portfolio Manager and have direct access to the analysts and strategists who manage your money. After all, their capital is invested alongside yours.


We also offer high quality and personalized loan services with low interest rates for those with credit scores not accepted by major banking institutions.


Come tax season, Saejima Financial Services helps individuals and businesses alike file their income tax correctly and maximize returns while offering solutions to lower your taxable income.






Daichi Saejima, founder of Saejima Financial Services is one of San Andreas' leading independent wealth management firms and a trusted fiduciary for families, individuals and foundations.


Since 2009, our experienced team has helped clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through careful planning, advice and sound investing through customized portfolio solutions.


By investing our own capital alongside yours, we are deeply committed and invested in your future.






Let's start with a conversation


Growing your capital. Protecting it.


Security throughout your life. A legacy for future generations.


Whatever your priorities, we’re here to listen and understand.


To strategize, advise and thoughtfully guide you.


Contact Number: 816-268-86


Email Address: [email protected] ((Forum PM @NickXI))



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