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Marcus Baines

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Full Name: Marcus Baines

Birthplace: Los Santos
Ethnicity: African American
Personality: Confident, Reliable, Sociable.

Family & Relatives:
Carmen Winfrey [Alive]
DeMarcus Baines [Deadbeat, Went to the store]
Anthony Baines [Alive]
Nasim Baines [Alive]

Their Story:
DeMarcus had stepped out on Marcus' mother Carmen after Nasim was born and having been brought up in Rancho with no daddy? The Baines family was often found struggling to get by. Carmen, the mother of three worked multiple jobs to help provide for the trio. With the house being empty all the time and the mother at work Anthony took it upon himself to take care of his brothers. Anthony made sure his brothers were fed and made it to class most of the days. He soon grew and familiarized himself around the gang culture before eventually joining down the line. He’d provide for Nasim and Marcus making sure they got what they needed to get by. 

Marcus wasn’t at all slow, he would watch from his room window at some of the things his older sibling was getting into. Taking mental note of what the fast life was like and the money it brought in, Marcus would take interest in the lifestyle his older brother lived.

Flaws: Paranoid, stubborn, mischievous, sometimes absent-minded.






This shit will follow the development of this little punk ass mf.

I will touch up shit as I go.

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