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  1. My SD hero 💕 At least someone sees there are some concerns that surprisingly PD (mostly swat from these responses) don't see.
  2. Making the thread out of poor portrayal in my opinion from SWAT overall. I'm speaking my mind. No one is a sore loser, it's a quality concern. With what I roleplay? Being in jail/prison actually is actually something that we enjoy RPing. It's the quality and portrayal that concerns me. Nobodies a sore loser, my man ask the arresting Officer. I actually enjoyed their roleplay, it was both realistic portrayal from their part and good roleplay overall. So, yes. I'm sure up not a sore loser, my man. I think it's a quality issue, just like owning ZR-250's, Pegassi Bati's, Cliffhangers, Scheisser V12's and 10 other cars are a portrayal/quality issue with some other players in the community that don't have an explanation for it.
  3. SWAT cruising around geared up for nothing and just out and about is just as much of a portrayal issue as it is having a 10:4 ratio 10 being female swat members and 4 being males. It seems they just want to show out and use their cool SUVs (I agree, they look cool!) but pulling out a SWAT team for every little thing down to even prank calls? Cmon bro lol. I'm surprised I don't see them propelling down from the helicopters busting through rooftop windows. Chicago is rough, I have yet to see SWAT just cruising around looking for some shit to get into.
  4. I've been seeing SWAT (a team majority made up of a good amount of females, thats for another topic) responding to the littlest things in big swat trucks with people dangling off the sides and shit. It's to the point I don't see normal uniformed PD officers or rarely see them. Is this a normal thing in Cali? Do SWAT patrol in their big trucks with dudes off the sides and shit regularly? It seems that they do street patrols in these things and from someone that lives in the NA I've never seen SWAT rolling around the way they do IG. Is this what Cali is like IRL? I've never been.
  5. Name: 100PCNTSCAM Comment: Name says it all. Dont touch anything but sports bet on this sh*t.
  6. No one said pull guns and start shooting lol I would hope mechanics don't carry around guns while they're working on cars either lmfaooooooo anyways. I'm done with this arguement, in conclusion something needs to be fixed.
  7. The point being is a lot of these garages? I hate to say it, leased by some people with horrible portrayal. It's not really about taking your time with shit but at the same time putting in the effort doesn't hurt. This is a roleplay server after all. When your doing 20 mods to each car (like 10 cars) in under 10 minutes? It becomes a quality issue for the server. Might as well make them like 24/7s where you can leave your car there for x amount of time as the mods get 'installed' and have it NPCed and not player owned/leased lol. Go on the GTA:W discord and in the search bar you search for business ads for garages? Barely any in recent times. Like I said, MOST except a select few only cater to their friends and use it as their own personal business for their friend group.
  8. They should be working in a pit-stop for NASCAR rather than a garage 🤣😂
  9. The fact that you got defensive speaks volume, I'm not out to get anyone it's just from what I (and a lot of others it seems) see. One of few garages that keep a high standard.............................................................................................. I'm not gonna bash anybody. Again, admins should look into who owns what garage and how their QUALITY is. A good garage for example? Glass Heroes. The quality roleplay is unmatched.
  10. your telling me in 10 minutes of uptime (since the new cars dropped) these 'mechanics' had time to fully deck out at least 10 cars? please lol
  11. In other words stop giving garages to these individuals that think life is need for speed. They cater to nobody but their little 'race crew'. I thought garages were suppose to be businesses like anything else and not just work on their friends cars (most likely with half assed RP or none at all) Admins really need to look into some of these garages lol
  12. It's funny, last night when the server reset? Within 10 minutes of uptime I saw about 9 different cars (new cars from the update) FULLY modded out. It makes you wonder if these 'garage owners' fix up their friends cars with no rp and close up for the public. I haven't seen any garage open, I'm mostly talking about that one garage on the beach. They ignore anyone that isn't their friend that drives up. They only open solely for their friends/race car buddies. Ridiculous. I don't even want a garage!!! I just want TINTS on my fkn SUV!!!!!
  13. How many apartments are on each floor?
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