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Little Poland

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With the fall of Soviet Union in 1990s and Poland's independence restoration in 1989 December 31st, European Poland started a new page in their history. Solidarity movement inspired European Polish people with patriotism, hope and unity. However, there was another part of Polish citizens that saw the fall of a Soviet Union as a threat to their economic well-being and social status. Also, there was others, that simply did not believe that Poland regaining independence will be a new page of continuous struggles further down the road.



Total Polish Immigration to the US, 1997-2012


Around 1990s, United States of America saw an influx of many Europeans, including people of Polish descent. This was to be considered the last wave of immigrants to the United States that came from the Europe, whether by legal or illegal migration means. However, as much as the migrants wished, United States were not the land of the free and the land of dreams as many have imagined. Before 1990s American economy had experienced a great recession, however, those who have managed to reap the fruits of capitalism, enjoyed the 1990s-2000s economic boom that followed the recession before and in between.




By the year of 2000, start of a new Millennia, there was roughly half a million of Polish American residents in the state of San Andreas. Jobs that were created by 1990s-2000s economic boom were mainly industrial, forcing the Polish Americans to reside near industrial San Andreas' areas simply due to general convenience. Maintaining the strong national spirit, first generation Polish people passed down a big portion of traditions and lifestyle to their descendants. Pockets of American-Polish communities that have formed throughout the years that maintain a strong heritage and some key points of nationalism, often expressed throughout the local national Polish celebrations and strong sense of one community and solidarity (coming from Solidarity movement that was crucial for Poland's independence recognition in the mainland Europe).



Protests in Poland, 2021


"The states with the largest numerical increases in the number of immigrants from 2010 to 2016 were Texas (up 587,889), Florida (up 578,468), San Andreas (up 527,234), New York (up 238,503), New Jersey (up 171,504), Massachusetts (up 140,318), Washington (up 134,132), Pennsylvania (up 131,845), Virginia (up 120,050), Maryland (up 118,175), Georgia (up 95,353), Nevada (up 78,341), Arizona (up 78,220), Michigan (up 74,532), Minnesota (up 73,953), and North Carolina (up 70,501),according to Center For Immigration Studies.




Due to higher concentrations around the East Coast of United States of America, Polish American residents are saturated around Chicago and industrial belt of America, East Coast Polish Americans score higher in their average wealth compared to their West Coast counterparts. However, Polish-Americans, especially in San Andreas, often showed ambition or already committed actions that allowed them to pursue higher capitalism as 2010 study carried out by ULSA shows. However, in the same study it is evident that there is also a higher economic disparity seen between Polish American community residents as well.



Industrial Belt of the US, 2013




This group aims to portray a realistic and small Polish American community in Los Santos with strong ties to blue-collar and working class while maintaining an aspect to Polish traditions to instill some key points of nationalism and a sense of community that would be tightly knit due to the environment.


This group aims to provide their members with quality role-play, encourages initiative and innovation when it comes to role-play, realistic and slow (unrushed) development, variety in between the characters and basing those characters on GTA World’s continuity combined with real and actual history of Polish-American communities all over the United States.


With that being said, it is up to you to develop your own character and choose his way, either it would be a legal or illegal character, but due to low concentration of Polish descendants in real life California compared to the East Coast states, illegal characters should comprise a minority of the local residents.


For more information contact @Daylong or Daylong#0583 on Discord.

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