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Enrique "Rugrat" López

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Enrique Oscar López:


Enrique Oscar López was born at Pillbox Hill Medical Center to Raul López and Adriana Toledano-López. Enrique was raised mainly by his mother, who was very protective of her son. One day late at night, Adriana brought Enrique along for a drive to go see one of her friends from high school. Adriana was jamming out to music and singing along to her playlist when all of a sudden due to being distracted, she missed a sharp turn causing the vehicle to spin off the road and smash in to a wall. Adriana died within minutes after making contact with the wall due to not having her seat belt on. Enrique sat in the car crying hysterically, listening to his mothers playlist till police and medical arrived. Over the years, Enrique's witnessed the gang life around him due to his fathers position of power in Rancho. He witnessed his father fall in to a deep depression over Adriana's death and become heavily addicted to heroin. Despite Raul's heroin addiction, the two have a close relationship with each other and Enrique looks up to his father. Despite looking up to his father, Enrique is a mama's boy and doesn't take kindly to anybody disrespecting her. Currently, Enrique attends Davis Middle School and can be seen around Rancho causing Havoc throughout the streets.




                           Pictured: Raul "Hefty" López (Alive)                              Pictured: Adriana "Barbie" Toledano-López (Deceased)



                                                                                        Pictured: Enrique "Rico" López (Age 12)








This thread will follow the story of Enrique Lopez after his mothers unfortunate death. Shoutout to @Barbie& @BilalStrike




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