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  1. ye how dare u not want to look like shit and/or wear smth specific to your faction
  2. its really not that bad. models are rarely over 4 MB each while textures go from 500 KB to about 3 MB, depending on the size and compression. it's not as dire as people make it out to be. a shirt with its textures is 20mb while HQ police cars can hit 50-100 MB. it's really not that big of a deal to refresh the clothing selection.
  3. which is exactly what I said? there's over a dozen pages of mod suggestions but that's all they are right now. suggestions. people use client sided mods so they can dress at least partially modern. clothing mods are the least of this server's concerns.
  4. its clothes. grow up. there's a dozen pages of people sending in mods to be added to the server for people to wear. if what somebody's wearing is enough to rile you up, I want a life as comfortable as the one you're living.
  5. You have to graduate high school to enroll into college. Most Americans graduate at around 18. This is common knowledge. On the matter of underaged characters. this argument and topic has been debated for years. As it's stated in the rules, most underaged characters are a part of gang factions to enhance their development as most gang bangers tend to join up around their mid-to-late teens. That doesn't mean they're child soldiers and fearless killers at that age, or ever. That's a fault in how people portray their characters. Underaged characters are a vital part of gang roleplay. Just because you have no knowledge, experience or will to learn about this does not mean it's unrealistic or inaccurate. However, lot of people portray their underaged characters simply as if they were 19-20 in most cases but self insert their own immaturity and childishness at times. I think this is mostly because the majority of people currently roleplaying minors are minors themselves and they lack RP knowledge and experience. A lot of people self insert and it's obvious. The only way this aspect is going to improve is by these people individually getting better. If rping an underaged character is somehow outlawed, they'll just make 18 year old characters and have the same shit RP anyway. What's the point?
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