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  1. Greetings Working people of Los Santos and the San Andreas area! We, the League of Communists are reaching out to you to join us in our struggle for the rights of the working class! Who are we? The LCLS is a small Citizen's movement with a goal to establish a standing Communist Party which will take part in Municipality level, City and State-Wide policymaking to make the world a better place for everyone, but most importantly, those who through their everyday engagement make a vital part of this country's society. What are our goals? The LCLS has no programme whatsoever as it is a citizen's movement. However , we, as Communists, absolutely support the following: Fair Wage & Working hours. Rights to a warm meal & transportation bonus for employees. Rights to free and/or affordable healthcare. Rectification of gender/sex inequalities. Combat against organized crime, prostitution and drugs. Combat against corruption and irresponsible capitalists. How can I apply? Send an e-mail to [email protected] Or comment on this thread. - Dr. Vivian Reynolds, LCLS.
  2. I had GTAW assistant but backups were off.
  3. One of my characters was setting up a business deal with another character a few weeks ago. All I can remember is that the other char was Irish American. For some reason I can't find their number in the call history and I can't recall the character's name fully as I had other stuff IRL. But my character would HAVE to remember him because it was an important deal. (unlikely that she'd just forget). How do I proceed further?
  4. Stays around 50 but dips severely in certain interiors with lots of lighting/glass. There is unexplained texture loss around Vinewood hills, and sometimes davis. Car interiors turn to low LOD ones often while driving.
  5. I ran into a problem recently where members of the FLD denied my payment due to me doing it over the FLEECA site instead of through /transfer. This shouldn't be a problem as the FLEECA site is managed by GTA:W and is a GTA:W service, why be forced to do the payment ingame?! Ingame screenshots can be forged as well as screenshots of the FLEECA site.
  6. No support on this. If you can have criminals , you can have vigilantes, as long as they're reasonable. Don't change CK rules.
  7. What does female and different sexual orientation characters have to do with excessive use of minor characters in gangs?
  8. Through my few months on this server, I've noticed many people roleplaying as minor characters. I have to say, and I'm not insulting anyone, everyone should have the creative liberty of roleplaying anyone and anything they want to. A huge number of people however failed , in my opinion, to accurately portray minor characters. This is visible in Davis where every day one can see a boatload of minors with guns, dealing drugs, etc. This could be an IC situation and problem if it were limited to a certain extent, but right now there is an army of minor chars out there rolling for gangs and such. There are also people who sexually exploit (M) characters, on both sides. My suggestions are the following (To be taken as separate ideas): 1. Limit the part minors can play in criminal organizations. 2. Limit the number of allowed minor characters present at the server, so that new ones can't be registered once a certain quota is fulfilled. 3. Introduce a limitation on how many minor characters illegal factions can have. 4. Introduce applications for minor characters which will be reviewed before registration. 5. Remove the ability to register new minor characters altogether. Note that these are just suggestions, and I want only creative and constructive responses on this thread for making the game more fun to play...
  9. Ok so, a police officer stopped me for running a red light and then proceded to call 6 more officers to arrest me. This actually happened. Is that RP enough for you?
  10. PK Does not mean getting away. Period. I will not argue this anymore. You're one of those people who see this server as their regular job... I understand it's a heavy RP server... but character death is always a difficult thing to fathom in a game where you can respawn. I'll remind you... the game mechanics are prettymuch the paramount thing to lead yourself by. If you *can* respawn, then you *will* respawn. If every death was a CK, then nobody would ever play on this server again. And I'm saying this as someone who dislikes that there's too many 'illegal' and 'gangsta' roleplayers.
  11. PK Doesn't mean getting away. You lose your items and forget everything that lead up to it. A bank robber getting PKed by crashing while running away with a car loaded with cash - just won't be able to do the heist successfully, they won't keep the money, they won't be able to re-create the heist again. They still lost something - because they didn't achieve anything.
  12. Because this is a game. We're here to have fun. I told you already. People tried to kidnap me and shoot me in downtown LA (Alta Street) which would OOCly be an insanely busy place to do that kind of thing, and the admins approved of it. If there's many people there in game. Sure, consider it a CK maybe. But if there's nobody around... I don't care. Neither should you.
  13. A huge amount of times - that thing happened to me. A car spawns right infront of me and I crash into it. Or a car infront of me gets rubberbanded into me. RPing any and all car crashes? Sure. If RageMP didn't have desync issues. Although I'm a proponent of every RP situation to be void-able if both parties agree to do so. And before you say 'you can record/submit proof refund request blah blah'. Think of the following: 1. I won't keep my recording software on every single time I play. 2. I can't always push the record button on time. 3. I can't record all of my rp because it will slow my PC down and I'll waste HDD space. 4. It would be a huge task for admins to review a boatload of requests.
  14. They don't. But neither do they shoot someone in the middle of LA for saying they're a LEO. Which happened to me yesterday. An admin approved of that. Point is, enforcing strict OOC rules for speeding is ridiculous. Speeding, if done RPly, is totally ok. I agree with banning/kicking players who just randomly speed and do so because they're bored.
  15. 1 - Should changes be made to traffic rules? Not really. 2 - Do you think vehicles should get a handling/speed revamp? No. 3 - What could improve general quality of life while on the road? 1. The police should have a specific 'traffic' department instead of all cops automatically going to traffic if they don't have anything better to do. 2. The police should issue punishments proportionally to the road incident. I was pulled over by 2 policemen who saw me run a red light (lights are desynced anyways), after they asked me where I'm going, I refused to answer, they got 4 more officers on me and arrested me. This is NOT proportional to the law break I've done. 3. People speeding and racing is a regular part of life. My character likes to drive fast as she was a professional racing driver once (ICly) , and she does that to alleviate tension. People crashing into a pole while nobody is watching should be able to auto-void that scene unless their character dies mechanically (flying out of the windshield). Who would wait laying on a road until someone comes by? That's a tedious chore of a RP. We're here to have fun. People who choose to RP their crash infront or away from others should do it if they wish to. People who drive fast in order to evade police or a threat of heavy injuries or certain death SHOULD NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A CK. The reason is simple: they are doing so to escape a situation that might be VERY unfavorable for them. Every road death should be considered a PK unless decided otherwise by the player in my opinion because a CK is a permanent loss of the player's character, which is not mandated even for much worse situations.
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