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  1. Fully furnished, Luxurious three bedroom apartment currently for sale at Playa Vista, Del Perro. It's got a master bedroom which includes it's own bathroom along with two other bedrooms, a great living area and a dining table. It comes with a great view over the beach, pier and the city. STARTING BID: $550,000 BUYOUT: $1,110,000 INTERIOR: https://imgur.com/a/x9y1nK1 OOC:
  2. $25,000 Contact: 10097842
  3. Asian07


    Vehicle has been bought.
  4. Looking to sell my Ubermacht Cypher Coupe with low miles, performance aftermarket parts and 30 days insurance for $180,000 or best offer. ((OOC))
  5. Looking to buy a Karin Sultan Classic, preferably with aftermarket performance parts.
  6. Looking to sell my Sultan RS Classic. Starting Bid: 115k Buyout: 125K ((ooc))
  7. Fully Furnished, Three bedroom apartment with a great view up in Del Perro, Playa Vista. ((OOC)) Market Price: $350,000. Furniture Price: $60,612. STARTING BID: $445,000. BUYOUT: $550,000. MINIMUM BID STEP: $5,000.
  8. Looking to buy the Sentinel SG4.
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