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  1. I take your point on board, but can't say I've had a list that's been totally worthless. There's enough variation in the vehicles I'd say.
  2. I agree however the /fixveh is a separate issue all together, not to mention it can easily be handled by an admin in-game. The suggestion is to extend the TIME the list is active for, not the number of vehicles on the list. I agree with both of you that the chopshop script, heck even the /vbreakin and vehicle alarm script is broken making the risk vs reward not worth it at all. The roleplay you get from stealing vehicles is what makes it fun. The server is probably prioritising bigger issues instead of the chopshop script atm. This is why I suggest we increase the time the list is active for to at least put a bandage over what we all know isn't the best it could be.
  3. Detailed Description Increase the duration the list is active for while using a chopshop. Currently the list runs from midnight to midnight - 24 hours. I suggest we extend this to 3, 5 or 7 days. A server crash also resets the lists, while infrequent, is annoying when it happens. If there was a way to save the lists during a crash that would be a plus. Chopping a vehicle from start to finish can be done in a number of hours if fully roleplayed out and everything does smoothly. It would be nice to have more time if IC problems arise such as LEO or owners returning to the vehicle. Right now it feels as if the clock is always counting down way too fast on a list that I feel realistically wouldn't expire within a day. Relevant Commands/Items There wouldn't really need to be a command if it was known the list changes every Monday at midnight and lasts 7 days for example. If it was extended 3 or 5 days, adding a timer to the list UI or /chopshoptime could be used. How will it benefit the server? Even though the list is active for 24 currently, the average player probably only sees 4 or less hours a day in-game while working around OOC commitments. That allows ~4 hours to go over to the list, note it all down, go out hunting down vehicles and roleplay fully disassembling it. ICly it's more realistic to break into vehicles at night so can effect players in different timezones. The benefit to extending the time would mean more meaningful roleplay around tracking down vehicles or knowing of people who have a vehicle on the list and following them over days if they follow patterns. Some of the lists are shared within organizations with a price put on each vehicle. It can be taxing to go on in the morning to get the list, type it up to send out within the organisation and then wait for vehicles to be delivered. A list that goes out at the start of the week would be better than daily list updates.
  4. More vehicles is always better I’d say but I do agree with the meta and potential for poor betrayal of these cars. These types of cars are made for GTA V as a game not an RP server, so they handle and drive way better than anything else, regardless of how realistic that is. I get that it’s just a game but people probably don’t realise how stupidly expensive the real life equivalents of these are getting, not to mention you can’t buy them brand new from a dealer anymore. Would maybe be cool if you could apply for vehicles like this like with property on the UCP so it’s more heavily regulated and roleplay’d for the right reasons. All in all, more cars is better but we do have a decent amount of tuner cars already in the game. On the fence on this one.
  5. Josh Palmer Josh moved to Los Santos from Detroit after illicit activities in a used car lot/workshop. Josh moved to Los Santos for a fresh start but finds himself constantly torn between legal and illegal jobs.
  6. LS-RP based youtube channels I subscribed to 7/8 years ago started uploading GTA:W content. Namely @$CAR and @AceS| Good to see the OG’s still producing high quality content!
  7. Looking to buy a Rancher XL. Looking for something that’s been taken care of and will pay money for the right one. Send offers to my email and I’ll do my best to get back to you.
  8. $130,000 Call 77868664 as I’d be interested in a viewing
  9. $100k. Send me an email ((PM)) for contact
  10. Really nice guide! It would also be worth noting that some vehicles are worth a lot for their body panels to repair front or rear impact damage cars. Usually the whole front of a car is cut off from the A-pillar forward and classed as a ‘front cut’ - sometimes with the engine included. Same for the rear of the vehicle. From there the the parts will be packed into a container and shipped over seas to whoever buys them illegally. I’d say a large part of vehicle chopping would be down to chassis numbers and VIN codes left on panels as this can trace the car down to model, year, country of manufacture etc. A VIN can usually be seen in the front window of a car to easily identify it. There’s also a tag in the engine bay which is riveted on and can link the body to the engine. The biggest giveaway for a car being chopped would be dodgy chassis codes in the floor of vehicles under the carpet as they’re embossed into the floor. Depending on who wants the panels/what country it goes to - they could just be ground down or cut out and a new one made up and welded in. Not sure if it’s completely needed for car chopping roleplay but thought I’d through it in if anyone wants to expand on theirs!
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