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  1. I will not disclose too much information but I need a capable and competent lawyer, that up to the task of suing the Sheriff's Department for infringing my civil rights. Please reach out to me to the following e-mail adress : [email protected] ((Forum PM)) to discuss the nature of the case.
  2. take this one far Carroza, I got my eyes on you
  3. i'm trying to roleplay a roidmoneky; and anabolics should be EASLY accesible
  4. it's been a long time coming.. but it's here. No luck needed.
  5. I'mma keep thing real with you G, it's a lot better to not cheap out on hardware, because you're gonna have to spend the 250-500 dollars every year or two years and struggle playing ANY game on medium settings, when you could get something like this In spite of the processor probably gonna last you way longer than something around 300$ would. At least in terms of laptops. If you wanna build a PC however good luck finding a GPU LOL.
  6. m-au bagat la bulau sa moara mama
  7. I need the best criminal defense around. Whoever is up for the job please reach me at [email protected] . ((MRL_KRX ; MRL_KRX#1361))
  8. A classic! Astute observation! Have beat his ass IC at every given opportunity.
  9. [QUICK GUIDE] How to identify a walking RPQM report. Step 1 : Identify the car : They usually hang out INSIDE a luxury/sports car more than outside of it (with the added exception of the mansion or beers at an expensive bar/club). Step 2 : Identify the looks : If they do exit their cars, I would look for dead giveaway combos such as ((MEN)) : The classic fade + beard cut followed up with a pair of 3k Cartier shades - often with skinny jeans. ((WOMEN)): IMVU hair with shades, flashy nails and ripped skinny jeans is an all too common trope, usually seen amongst these people. Step 3 : Identify the name : By this point, you got close enough to them to read their name. The names are usually something which they deem to sound cool or appear extravagant. BONUS POINTS for however many X-Z-Y's you can fit in. ((+1 point if more than two X'es, Z's or Y's are seen)) Step 4 : Identify the /ex. Judge a man not by their poor taste in design, but by the content of they /ex. There are some obvious things to look out for and I've come up with a sort of a point sheet, it's WIP, feel free to hit me up with suggestions. Step 5 : If they have collected 20 points and any other identifier from 1-4 applies then proceed with RPQM.
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