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  1. FOR RENT 3357 Magellan Avenue 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom Renting out this property next to Vespucci Beach. There's a large parking spot behind the building and some parking spots underneath it. Weekly: $15,000 Monthly: $45,000 PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/PLIdGLD ((OOC info:))
  2. FOR SALE Integrity Hotel Floor 7, Room 1 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom Selling a semi-refurbished apartment. Comes with all the furniture shown in the pictures below. The apartment building has a private residential garage below it. ASKING PRICE: $210,000 Also accepting offers! PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/nf5u7Gv ((OOC info:))
  3. When you're too pressured to look good, therefore editing your social media pictures to match the unrealistic beauty standards of a SoCal giraffe valley girl:
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