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  1. Getting the Green Card has never been easier as a foreigner. I do not even have any legitimate means of employment prior to arriving to the US, yet they allowed me in anyways and welcomed me as a permanent resident. The day after my arrival, me and my buddies formed a criminal organization together. The local government does not think this is a problem.
  2. This is also evident in the way a lot of people are self-inserting. A lot of characters are based on their respective player in a way that they channel their inner OOC frustrations through their characters; be it hating on women or gay people, or anything else you can think of. I doubt many players would do/say such things in real life because there are consequences to those actions, and generally, hate speech or anything of the sort is not socially acceptable in public places and is punishable by law (in most developed countries, at least). This can be also a reason why people prefer to RP as tough characters; it provides them with an escape from their real lives where they cannot do such things and cannot act the way their tough characters act. It's satisfying to be someone powerful and intelligent, when in real life, one is just an average joe who is helpless when it comes to violence. Of course it doesn't have to be a tough character, it could also be a rich supermodel who went to Harvard and looks perfect all the time, or anyone unrealistically perfect/powerful/whatever basically. For many, GTA World is basically just a fantasy, an escape, a possibility to express yourself with nothing to lose.
  3. Being harassed & chatted up by a 15-year-old boy who's also looking for a fight so he can post about it on his social media thread later. He's also holding a beer provided by the owners of the establishment. .. Is this a child grooming ring or a bar???
  4. Agreed, it's cringe when people take a widespread server-specific OOC slur (the term "mallrat" is often associated with people doing legal roleplay/mostly passive roleplay in GTA World) IC. You don't even have to be wearing cat ears or be a lesbian, they will still think you're a mallrat because your character has no interest in crime.
  5. When an (M) in Vespucci Beach wants to buy my holiday apartment since their friend lives next door. ICly, I ask if I can talk to his parents about it since he's just a minor with no money. "/b his parents are NPC lol"
  6. FOR RENT 3357 Magellan Avenue 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom Renting out this property next to Vespucci Beach. There's a large parking spot behind the building and some parking spots underneath it. Weekly: $15,000 Monthly: $45,000 PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/PLIdGLD ((OOC info:))
  7. FOR SALE Integrity Hotel Floor 7, Room 1 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom Selling a semi-refurbished apartment. Comes with all the furniture shown in the pictures below. The apartment building has a private residential garage below it. ASKING PRICE: $210,000 Also accepting offers! PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/nf5u7Gv ((OOC info:))
  8. When you're too pressured to look good, therefore editing your social media pictures to match the unrealistic beauty standards of a SoCal giraffe valley girl:
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