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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not into hockey but maybe you can ask around and/or post a separate topic to see if anyone is interested ☺️
  2. @nateX for helping me with a tedious subpoena, bless
  3. No Fernandes? Ouch, I know a lot of people were going with the BruNO side of things but the man is just fucking inevitable; he WILL get you points. Here's how I shaped up to be: Brighton disappointed me, that was supposed to be an easy clean sheet, damn. Also Veltman was a COVID scare so that sucks, but actually works in my favour since I'll get the 6 points from Ayling instead. Toney should've gotten an assist from that Arsenal game but whatever... What can I say about the United game? Beautiful game and performances, even if I don't like the club at all. Feel bad about Shaw, but he's still so good imo for his price range as he will bag points from the dangerous positions he finds himself in and his great crosses. Aston Villa was a bit of a shocker though. Was not expecting them to get slapped by Watford at all but at least we got the late penalty in the end for an Ings return. Salah is Salah. Just hoping for an Antonio masterclass here to finish off the week right. So far, I don't have any transfers in mind for GW2 cause I feel that this is a pretty solid team but ofc we'll have to see closer to the time of when that is. I have faith in these guys getting returns, so no big worry there. Sitting at 82 points right now with 6 to be added and more from Antonio hopefully, pretty good way to start off.
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