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  1. This already exists and i in fact lead it in PD. The Community Engagement Division has over 27 members that regularly engage with the community, host events and attend events. Although, when we try, we’re usually met with hostility and told to leave.
  2. 404 ((please archive))
  3. During my first days in the Community Engagement Division. Come a long way since then. (Person sadly got CKd after building a rapport with them)
  4. I don’t mean in terms of the docks; I agree with those. I mean those that are against the crosswalk in Pillbox, for example, and in Vespucci. They’re annoying when they appear at the last second with texture loss.
  5. I think the randomly placed concrete barriers, phone boxes etc need to go. The concrete barriers are placed in awful positions to the point where it makes it hard to drive by something without crashing into it, sometimes.
  6. I’ve got the same issue. Opening single player, closing and then running rage as admin usually works; even if you have to open rage a few times.
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