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  1. HOW DO I APPLY? Send your resume - i.e. your previous education, any previous employment and your basic skills (including your State Bar Association Certification if applying for Associate) to [email protected] (( @Devine Pearson )).
  2. EMPLOYMENT HUB | HOME | VACANCIES - VACANCIES HUB Current Vacancies Junior Associate - San Andreas Avenue Offices Junior Associates are lawyers who usually have a minimal amount of experience in the field. Many are just out of law school and developing their careers. Junior Associates essentially do the same job as a regular attorney, and also have other responsibilities such as researching legal information, writing legal briefs and preparing legal documents. Junior Associates may also take part in jury selection, advising clients, negotiating with outside colleagues, and helping to argue a case in court. Your time with us at Devine Pearson is a valuable opportunity to build your contact list and create a network that you can use throughout your career. As per Section 1(1) of our Founding Bylaws, you must hold a valid Bar Certification from The State Bar of San Andreas to be eligible for this position. As a Junior Associate you’ll: Advise clients in business transactions, claim liability, the advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits or legal rights and obligations. Select jurors, argue motions, meet with judges, and question witnesses during the course of a trial. Analyse and interpret laws, rulings, and regulations with probable case outcomes for individuals and businesses. Represent clients in court or before government agencies, present and summarize cases to judges and juries. Gather evidence to formulate defence or to initiate legal actions; evaluate findings and develop strategies and arguments for presentation of cases. Paralegal - San Andreas Avenue Offices Paralegals are law professionals working in a supporting, though fully-defined role, to solicitors and barristers. You'll need the ability to multitask and the desire to develop your understanding of the law. You'll play an important role within a legal team and your tasks will often mirror the work of a trainee - or at times even a recently qualified solicitor. The position is sometimes used as preparation for qualifying as a solicitor. You do not need a Bar certification to work as a Paralegal. As a paralegal, you'll need to: carry out office administration, including writing letters organise diaries, schedule meetings and respond to Discord queries write first document drafts and proofread documents analyse and input data, write articles for internal or external circulation organise case files, attend court inquests, transcribe legal opinion and compile litigation bundles network with clients and build valuable relationships write reports, conduct legal research, take witness statements and attend meetings with experts or claimants - usually the duties of a more experienced paralegal. As a paralegal, you’ll need to have: excellent written and verbal communication skills the ability to manage multiple tasks or caseloads good attention to detail to be able to carefully analyse files and data the ability to work well under pressure and to tight deadlines office administrative skills for tasks such as filing, typing and letter writing good teamwork skills particularly when working with other departments to complete your tasks flexibility and adaptability in your attitude and approach to work a flexible and adaptable approach to your work
  3. FIRM NEWS - PRESS RELEASE (#04) Devine Pearson proudly announces their new No Win, No Fee scheme Rachel Pearson, Managing Partner — "I am extremely proud to announce that Devine Pearson LLP will now be trailing a "No Win, No Fee" scheme going forward in their cases meaning that clients will not have to pay the full invoice of their case (out with the non-refundable deposit for securities) providing that the case is not won on their behalf by our talented team of lawyers. I encourage you all to choose the team of expert lawyers at Devine Pearson to handle your matters, criminal, or not. Devine Pearson. Here for life." Enlist Devine Pearson to take care of your civil, criminal and corporate matters. Visit devinepearson.com ((gtaw.link/law)) for more information. Comments Enabled Username: Comment:
  4. FIRM NEWS - PRESS RELEASE (#02) Devine Pearson signs the University of Los Santos, San Andreas as their latest client Devine Pearson LLP is extremely proud to announce that they have signed the University of Los Santos, San Andreas as their latest client where they will be responsible for a variety of matters for the University, such as providing advice and representation on matters that are of legal significance to the University, like contracting, discretionary & employment issues, policy review, and risk management. Furthermore, they will be responsible for handling litigation that the University is involved in and furthers its mission as a prestigious institution that serves the needs of San Andreas’s largest metropolitan area. Enlist Devine Pearson to take care of your civil, criminal and corporate matters. Visit devinepearson.com ((gtaw.link/law)) for more information. Comments Enabled Username: Comment:
  5. FIRM NEWS - PRESS RELEASE (#01) Devine Pearson to file first civil suit on behalf of client Devine Pearson LLP is proud to announce that they have filed their first civil suit on behalf of one of their clients most esteemed clients Lia Volkov on behalf of Hawk's Motors, a well established car dealership that has an outstanding reputation within the Mission Row community where it resides. Devine Pearson LLP aims to gain compensatory damages, punitive damages and legal fees for the plaintiff in light of a horrific event leading to them having significant business damages after an individual rendered a vehicle worthless when they returned it from a test drive - it is clear that the individual driving the vehicle did so in a negligent manner. The individual then took it upon themselves to flee the scene without making any contact with the staff! A digital photograph of the vehicle after it was returned to the vehicle dealership post-test drive. Enlist Devine Pearson to take care of your civil, criminal and corporate matters. Visit devinepearson.com ((gtaw.link/law)) for more information. Comments Enabled Username: Comment: Donation (if applicable): ALL DONATIONS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE TO DEVINE PEARSON LLP AT THE ROUTING NUMBER 030019080.
  6. We are a leading law firm based in Los Santos, with offices across San Andreas. At Devine Pearson LLP, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest standards of care and service. Our independent, expert lawyers offer unparalleled levels of law expertise in dealing with the highest-profile cases and dispute resolutions. What do we offer? Clients come to us because they have complex and challenging legal problems and they trust us to provide support in all areas of their business or private life. Our straight-talking lawyers, many of whom are leaders in their field, provide clients with strong, discrete advice as they create innovative robust solutions. How can we help? Please contact us and we will connect you with the right lawyer. Rosie Devine Managing Partner Rachel Pearson Senior Partner
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