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  1. Foreword from the author: As it stands there is no place on the forum I saw more suitable for this display than the community showcase, and as such I have concluded that it is under this section that I shall post this creative work. Sympathize with me, mock me, scorn me, but know that it was important this sentiment was made known to the world. What backup files are there for those whose games are slain like cattle? I have worked and wept and toiled away at the steps of modding this ruthless game Files upon files in my directory, overwriting her vanilla sanctity Clicking the application icon with great anticipation Only to be met with this horrid humiliation. A deathly blackness overtakes my screen suddenly bleached in a tinge of white the accursed blue ring in its unholy cycloidal motions does a number on my current emotions the crescendo of the loading screen music fading out to a grim silence It upon Boris Vorontsov that I would like to exact violence. In my mind's eye I can still see the scowl of Trevor, Why must installing an ENB be such a vile endeavour But alas, in a sudden shift in the arrangement of pixels in my screen, It is back at my desktop that we reconvene All I wanted was the redux mod, Now I have a broken GTA, and have lost my faith in God, Who is there to hear my hapless cries, Why did I heed the heathen ENB instructions' lies.
  2. I think there should be a thread for people to list the sorts of characters they want to see. Hopefully this can be it. This can range from connected characters like family members for people who don't know OOC people to cobble together and want to seek out a thread to do so, to people who just want to see more of X kind of character because they don't feel they see enough of that sort. e.g "I think I want to see more hunters/fishermen."
  3. This game is awesome bois once the multiplayer is released for the new build we should hit it up together.
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