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  1. The farming system at the moment is perfectly adequate, but I feel like the reason trucking takes more popularity is because there's a definite progression in it. As it stands, you plant eight crops, you grow them and you collect them. It would be awesome if there was some sort of progession system where the more you do it, the more crops you could plant at once. Less so to reward the grind and more so to reward the players that actually -want- to do the simple life casual farming RP.
  2. Name: Denny Comment: I had a thing done to my face. I don't really know what, but it felt nice and the people are nice. Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. "Startin' t'understand why everyone in this god-fersaken city wears sunglasses at night..." "... Wouldn't want anyone else t'see how truly sad and tired we are."
  4. "I think 'bout that night... Every night." "We were like teenagers."
  5. Madeline: "Ah'll call ye later." Denny: "Promise?" Madeline gives a weak, but reassuring smile: "Promise." -Their last words to one and other. ________________ "I could've fixed it-... I could've made you happy! I could've-... I could've... I'm sorry too... We were this close to a happily ever after but-... Some things can't be fixed. Some mind demons simply cannot be excised." "In th'brief time I knew ye. Y'made me so very happy. Y'were so beautifully flawed. And it's... The quickest I've fallen fer someone t'this day. I hope... With such fervour... That y'finally foundje peace. Wherever y'are. I love ye, Mads."
  6. "Why do th'women that're into me also happen t'wanna kick my ass and torture me!? Why can't I just find a nice gorl to hold hands with and eat ice-cream!?"
  7. "My secret? Dance like a dad at a disco and dress like no one will judge ye. People will think yer mentally ill and either pity ye with kindness or try harder to avoid ye! Either way, I win!"
  8. "I saw Amber smile once and it took my breath away... Fer all th'wrong reaons- jesus-fucking-christ someone get th'priest!"
  9. "...she's only the best damn inker this side of San Andreas. She happens t'be a pretty decent human bean, too!"
  10. "Well wouldje lookit me now. I went and did somethin'"
  11. Ah, I just discovered that I'm still subject to property tax and chances are, I can't afford it. I do apologize for wasting your time
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