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  1. What all these threads have been about is that the aggressive approach isn't really working. It's not authentic to our timeline, it's not authentic to our setting, it's not conducive to great roleplay, and the server is currently under-equipped for the environment to contain aggressive extortion in a meaningful or interesting way. Now let's say I was RPing a Mexican immigrant in Los Santos and my character ran a business in MS-13 gang territory with undocumented workers. I'd probably rather enjoy the roleplay of being approached by unsavory local criminals seeking to get a cut of
  2. One of the most common things I hear the Pro-Extortion RPers accuse people against Tony-Spaghettio-style extortion is "you legal RPers just don't want to lose and don't want to lose your precious assets!" (Because the pro-extortion RPers are the ones who really, really care about assets in this equation) The one "extortion" RP that I had on this server which I really enjoyed, and the only one to work, involved the criminal faction showing up to every opening, hanging out, buying drinks, paying their tab, being friendly, having a relationship with my character outside of work. Then
  3. It's a really tough one for me. I don't like aging-up, but I also understand why it exists. LEO factions force their officers to age-up when they rank up high enough to avoid the problem of 22-year-old police lieutenants. This does make it awkward because it creates divergent canons--the people outside of the age-up met the character at 22, and now they're in their 30s, but they haven't aged up a bit. It's something I've seen people dance around pretty well and not really make much of an issue out of it. To me, it's more immersion-breaking when someone like, say, Lawrence Zampa, ge
  4. Since this is a guide, and since @Jägerbombmade that excellent post above to talk about more of the actual ways for criminal factions to gain IC control over businesses in a way that's interesting, and @Shanksgot tagged by our friend Cypher above: We're playing on a heavy text-based RP community. All of us players are equal here, we're all people looking to have a good time with our free time playing on an RP server. As much as possible, your RP should be oriented around building up our world and the people around us rather than tearing them down because this is what keeps RP going
  5. You're being sarcastic, but the irony is we already have to do exactly this. We get it, most criminal factions just score their businesses from buying them off of legal RPers, and just pass them around for generation to generation where the businesses progressively become casinos over time. But if you want to open a brand new business on this server, you do have to apply for it. In addition to your character ICly having to develop to the point that you can open the business and gathering the funds, you OOCly have to write a lengthy application, wait in a long line, and prepare to be fully audi
  6. You know, every time people try to defend extortion, this is what I hear most often. "Waaahhh legal RPers make a lot of money and they don't want to share it because they just want to keep their money." For all the flak you guys try to throw at legal RPers about how play to win they're being and now assets-focused they're being, the people who most frequently talk about assets and money and e-gainzs and "muh precious weekly five grands" are the people who totally think "extortion RP is very valid heavy RP experience that's beneficial for everyone and not play2win at all." It's espe
  7. Reads the guide. Uh, three steps. You list three steps before you suggest "always aiming for a Character Kill" because "a PK makes it so the owner can continue running the business but you can't approach them." You think that people should be seeking to force CKs on the characters who people are passionately attempting to bring legal RP to this server with just because they did not let your character "win." Like, hey, dude, you seem like a nice guy and like you're trying to bring some good roleplay to this, but you're definitely misguided about this. What you're describ
  8. It really depends on the type of business you're running. Some businesses are naturally going to be more difficult than others to run. Ultimately, it's on you as the business owner to foster the kind of roleplay you want. You can run a bar/nightclub as the typical GTA:W cash cow where it's all about the e-maniez and cookie cutter experience, or you can do something special. That goes for any business type. You can run a pawn shop where you just do little more than buy and sell, or you can really innovate on that pawn experience. In my case, I hold both the businesses my character r
  9. I really like the idea of shifting the server 4 hours specifically. As an NA player, I've definitely felt the woe of my character being a complete vampire. I can only see daylight when I stay up to 6 AM server time, or if I wake up really early IRL. Otherwise my character only exists at night time, and she runs her businesses in unrealistic times. It's fine, no one really mentions it ICly. I've never suggested a time change because I can imagine it's a divisive issue and frankly there are more EU players and the server owner/devs are EU. Why would they want to change the status quo when it wor
  10. I agree with a lot of hat you're putting down here. A problem GTA roleplay has always had is that killing someone is really easy from a gameplay standpoint, and from a roleplay standpoint there's really not a lot left to the conflict after that. If you kill a person, whether it's a PK or a CK you "win" that encounter. As long as your character doesn't get witnessed doing it, you're pretty much done with that plotline, and your character won. A dead person can't really pose that much more of a threat to you. Playing one of the "legal" characters, when I had an incident where my char
  11. I disagree with this guide. I enrolled into this server and had zero intention of ever having my character carry a gun, however as I continued roleplaying a law-abiding citizen in GTA:W's Los Santos, the harder it became to justify that my character would not legally carry a gun. If this was real life Los Angeles, yes, it'd be really unrealistic for all civilians to be concealed carrying. Even if this was a city in Texas you wouldn't see as much carrying. But the problem is, Los Santos has a really unrealistic rate of crime and violence. Couple that with melee sync and that the met
  12. Yes, fully agree, /examine is important. Regarding "/ame is 13" though: Koko hit the problem on the head. I see so many "teenage" characters who are 6 feet tall and walls of rippling muscle, who are covered in gang ink and packing a full arsenal. This isn't necessarily unrealistic--I know plenty of teenagers who are 15 or 16 but who look like they could be in their 20s. And yes, gang members tend to start their (short) careers in being slaves to drug dealers at a pretty young age. But if your character looks like an adult, is built like an adult, talks like an adult, a
  13. I want to echo what Alyssa said here briefly. As someone who lived in LA, it was really, really, really rare to see the temperature ever drop into the 40F range. That's something I'd occasionally see on my car's temperature reader when I'd get in at like 4 AM on a winter morning, and which would make me go "daaaamn." You said you snagged this data from IRL weather, so it's possible these readings might actually be coming from closer to Big Bear mountain. Checking the IRL forecast (gosh it's been so long since I looked at LA weather) it seems that the data agrees. Temperature highs
  14. He provided one real life incident of an utterly failed extortion attempt in which the criminals got absolutely dunked on by the civilians. Yes, they were incredibly stupid. Also not surprising, considering these are people who made their career path in life being members of a street gang. Not the creme de la creme of high IQ plays there. Solid evidence in this case would be multiple recent accounts of different sources from different neighborhoods and with different criminal influences reporting extortion attempts. Solid evidence would be that these extorting idiots aren't immedi
  15. I appreciate you coming to the table with a piece of real world media to compare and contrast. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/police-gang-extortion-attempt-led-to-los-angeles-market-shootout/?sba=AAS The Armenian Power gang here is trying to extort an Armenian shop owner for $100,000. That is a hilarious amount of money, so either Mr. Armenian Grocery Store Owner has a lot more history with Armenian criminals than we're being told here, or these guys are literally just fucking retarded. I mean, clearly, they're stupid enough to get into a shootout and have
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