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  1. I know only a few people on this entire server who pull off playing minors well. I feel bad that those people would be negatively affected by this because they are by far the exception and not the rule. And it would suck for them, honestly. But almost all child characters on GTA:W are awful and not even slightly believable. Look, I get it it, it's super realistic that street gangs are recruiting children, and that gangs are full of 14-16 year olds. I 100% get that, you're entirely right... but that doesn't mean we have to emulate that 1:1 on GTA:W. Not everything in real life has
  2. Yeah I guess Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, John Dillinger, Bugs Moran, Baby Face Nelson, Joe Masseria, Machine Gun Kelly, and all these guys were pretty cool and all... But you want to know a REAL mob boss? Marcus. LICINIUS. CRASSUS. The stone cold gaze of a true kingpin. Now this is a guy who didn't need to come into your business and ask you who the owner was before extorting you. He already knew, because he owned everything around you. This guy had plenty of rackets under control including incredibly pro
  3. Like in all RP communities, there's a lot of elitism rampant on this server--a lot of people looking down their nose at other people's roleplay and deeming their own superior. GTA:W is a big enough setting that people can play what they like and there's room for everyone's experience within reason. A person's RP is not invalid or "worse" than yours because they RP a character who generally does well and lives a mundane life. Not every single character has to be a violent, drug-addled sociopath with no passions, convictions, or ambitions besides climbing the ladder in being a career
  4. Takeaway from all of this? Blessed be the exception: those players who do portray intellectual or well-traveled characters! There's nothing wrong with wanting to RP a polyglot, just have it make sense. Realistically if a character is going to be good at multiple languages, they are probably traveling. Why are they traveling? Up to you! Could be criminal business, could be vacationing, could be volunteering to save dolphins and shit. If your character is perhaps a bit too young or not financially successful you could go the route of involvement in online communities instead of expen
  5. In a community with so many European players, we really do have an opportunity to see people who currently speak 3-5 languages on a pretty average scale here. A major part of that is that Most people come from a country where they already speak a non-English language which they will naturally learn in the progress of their life and probably even be educated in, English is a non-negotiable language in just about every education system in the world today, and there is ample opportunity to practice it as a large portion of the world's cultural media is in English and many online comm
  6. I think the more systems you force to be tied to a script, the worse for roleplay. But I think perhaps the least intrusive way to implement some sort of a counter to this is if players had to declare ahead of time exactly which languages their character speaks. At the end of the day admins don't really have the time to be going through everyone's backstory and approving/denying/managing that, so it'd be best for this sort of a system to be really self-guided. If there was a /languages command, you could add languages your character speaks, rate how well your character speaks that l
  7. I keep seeing this argument being structured around time of day because there is then an opportunity to use what effectively amounts to a moral high ground of players timezones. Hello, I'm one of the players who RPs a virtually 100% legal, civilian character with thousands of hours of playtime. I RP from the US's west coast where logging in at a reasonable time for me means my character always lives at night. I have as much to lose here since my legal character who benefits most from "broad daylight" exists in perpetual darkness. The issue isn't about what time of the day it is. Le
  8. I find the point is less whether or not it's possible for crime to happen in "broad daylight" or "with cameras present" -- obviously we know that the real world is stranger than fiction. The big difference, however, is the level of consequences. In real life when some piece of shit in human shape comes up and kills two police officers in a car, that will be with him for the rest of his life, and if/when he's caught he will find the end of his life at the hands of police, behinds bars, or in a chair. What we can't replicate on this server is the prevalence of those sources (that vi
  9. Most criminals doing robberies are just looking to score your PF guns anyway. A 20-40k firearm is worth substantially more than all the cash in a string of robberies. Many gangs specifically target legal roleplayers they suspect are packing guns.
  10. There's a few tiers to this response. First, let's talk about what this economy does well: This economy currently is at a pretty nice level of "grind" versus "RP" -- certainly some people will agree more than others here, but at the end of the day, this server hands every character $200,000 to start, and you can be earning $4,000 an hour (plus a $500-800 auto paycheck once the $5,000 drip is exhausted) from the first few minutes you're on the server. Plus, most $4,000/hour jobs also come with bonuses, whether paid as sales commission, as tips, or by the employer of the business. To
  11. One of my earliest experiences on this server of seeing the government at play was a merry roleplay at Rob's Liquors in Vespucci. While my character was hanging out there, a government official (intentionally roleplayed as a slimy, unpleasant man) showed up and proceeded to shut down the business and levy a bunch of fines on the business owner for operating. While it created some roleplay, it also stirred up a bit of a derailing storm. I saw that government official show up to other businesses while they're open to similarly tussle with them over legal pedantry, almost always ending in the bus
  12. So there are a few perspectives in this issue which I think bear respect no matter which side of the fold you are on. Realistically, used cars are sold in both dealerships (public market) and through private listings by the seller. Realistically, used car dealerships are a safer way to purchase cars and offer you more services and guarantees, as well as financing. As a result, used car dealerships tend to charge competitive market rates for their used cars--they have overhead and need to make a profit for the dealership and the salesman. Realistically, private sellers
  13. Smilesville, you know I love your posts, but I'm going to have to drop a fat disagree on this. Now 80% of all start-up businesses fail within their first year, and 90% fail within their first two years. Bars have a lot of moving parts and a poorly run bar will easily fail, and if it does keep its doors open it can be coasting at an underwhelming performance for its whole life cycle. But as someone who, before COVID, was running 3 bars in real life and closely interacting with dozens of bar owners, I can tell you with certainty that they are a lucrative enterprise. You're not absolutely printin
  14. Let me pull this up here for a moment. For all of the people in this thread comparing carrying a gun in GTA:W's Los Santos to real life American gun carry practices are missing the point. The dangers our characters face every day in Los Santos are nothing even remotely comparable to the dangers people in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, or any number of other US cities face. It makes no intellectual sense to compare the two in this circumstance any deeper than remarking "oh, there are differences between reality and fiction." Los Santo
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