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  1. You always develop your characters like they're real! keep it up SuperPia way to go!!🤩
  2. I support this idea but I heard that there's already a 3x speed time for roleplaying so with 5x time speed or 6x will be perfect because 10x will make people abuse it by roleplaying with theirselves, coughing or standing up and sitting then when they get out they will easily make another crime which will make the server a gangwar because we can easily get out of the jail down you feel me? your suggestion is really usefull in my opinion but with some editing in what you said, I hope we see some changes in the jail terms or maybe ads more activities or getting kinda well paid for working in jail or somethings like this.
  3. 90 grands and I'll buy it rn.
  4. bwolf


    Great idea, wish it comes to life in GTA W!
  5. That looks great, keep up the good work!
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