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  1. This faction man? The best official MC out there right now, setting the standards for the future.
  2. boys, this here? is a certified varrio klassik
  3. Unfortunately I don't use Facebrowser, but I can reserve it for you and pause this until you are around. Just contact me via email when you are around @ [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  4. Bravado Buffalo Sport Gen 1 for sale, it has multiple performance and security modifications done to it. There's roughly 2.6k mileage on the road, and has never once let me down. With the price listed below, alongside the fact there's countless performance and security modifications done to it, I'd personally like to think it's a money-saver instead of buying one out of a dealership that's stock for near abouts the same price. Pricing: $150,000 (Starting) $175,000 (Buyout) Pictures of the car: ((OUT OF CHARACTER:))
  5. Morrigan

    Armenian Power

    Congrats on the success of fully triumphing Vinewood's underbelly and taking it over from the forces of the opposing side of the Dark Side.
  6. BB to Camaradas to Vagos to Red Devils, this man here? This man is a living legend. Based on so many levels. I wake up each day, praying to Spadito and check his thread. I am his number one fan, I am overly obsessed and I only live to see what Gaspar Romo does.
  7. definition of Vinewood Babylon right here
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