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  1. I've been thinking about opening a business on my alt account. However getting a business is simply not easy. "Just lease the business bro", but the leasing right now is opened only for garages and offices which don't offer the "unique" roleplay people speak about in this topic. While I understand they have a LOT of requests, I'll have to wait 2 months and hope that next leasing round I can possibly apply for owning a unique RP business.
  2. If people want to claim a no-go zone they have to deal with police responding appropriate.
  3. Hey, I urge you to take a look at the Business Registration & Licensing from the Los Santos Government. They made it possible to buy yourself into companies by utilizing Stocks. Maybe try developing something regarding the stock market or try to get dividents from multiple companies and help them grow. Never got into the financial market, however I've always found the idea of a stock market in Los Santos interesting.
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