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  1. SwirlyD

    [BUYING] GT500

    Looking to purchase a GT500, leave a message in my inbox if you have one!
  2. Already have one of those.
  3. Gonna pass, not interested in having a vehicle that high end again.
  4. Ideally cash, but it would depend on what the trade is.
  5. Pfister Neon - Pictures listed above are what the vehicle currently looks like. Upon purchase, the vehicle will come with 30 days of insurance. - The vehicle comes with top-notch aftermarket security as well as performance package. - Currently asking $500,000 or best offer, I can be reached via my phone number, 1080, or my email [email protected]
  6. Looks awesome guys, take it far.
  7. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vapid-caracara-4x4-addon-replace Saw the FD one and thought it would be cool if we had a more stock Caracara with no pre-installed lift or anything. Don't know how well-received it would be by others. Noticed they did something similar to the Streiter with their being two different ones so I don't know if this would be a big stretch or not.
  8. If you're selling a Bravado Gaunlet Classic, please respond down below, the only necessity is that it must be registered.
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