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  1. Warshock

    Sold for 192k CLOSED
  2. Warshock

    Still for sale
  3. Warshock

    Vehicle does have upgraded locks and alarms as well
  4. Warshock

    Way too low. Fully upgraded as well.
  5. Warshock

  6. Warshock

    Agreed. Everyone just needs to be able to contribute to their own and others. There is a reason it's online and not single player. A lot of the times there are a lot of players that look for RP to be hosted in stead of getting in a group and forming some rp reason to host something. Even if it's something small and chill. Every action adds up and benefits. Change the beat up. Not hard to find/host RP.
  7. Warshock

    Everyone is hiding on mount chiliad... You didn't know? I actually enjoy not seeing cops camping hot spots 🙂 Means I can ride my Bati 801 without getting pulled over for my dang helmet not being worn... LOL
  8. Short description: The ability to do /ameon or /ameoff to toggle it in the chat. It displays over heads which is nice.. But it would be nice to be able to toggle it in the chat like /me Detailed description: Commands to add: /ameon /ameoff or /ametoggle Items to add: How would your suggestion improve the server? Three improvements. 1. If you are not looking at their character then you missed it. 2. It's more continent to see it all in one place like /mes. 3. It prevents people from sneaking an action in just because they weren't looking over someones head. Cheating a /me in without people seeing... When realistically they would see the gesture. Additional information:
  9. Warshock

    xD!!! Erp or not it is a little weird for purple covers xD Strip clubs would be better too.. In the end it's just a texture.
  10. Warshock

    Yeeee I agree with this... Free the nips!
  11. Warshock

    I would support this through admin hosted vehicle special car auctions. Along with an application or something to give why your character development, background, and such supports it. Also making it where the super cars cannot be traded.
  12. Warshock

    I would agree with this. In the perfect scene where no Dysnc is present, I would love this! The thing is... I ride on the back of a bike and I get launched off 20 times. The random swerves into an object is annoying. Now on my screen it would show their vehicle destroyed. Now I can't drive it unless they vpark. Things like that. I support in the perfect sync ❤️
  13. Warshock

    I agree. I would like to follow up and suggest an additional piece. After 15 mins of AFK time, it would be nice to auto AFK notice for you. So players around know. We all have those moments where we step away to get the door and it takes a little longer than expected. Sometimes you have to jump.