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  1. AkaTenshi

    Character name: Ezikiel Salazar UCP name: TenshiPT (Discord name?): TenshiPT#0427 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 213 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 2317 Jamestown Street Screenshot of teleport entrance: A B Screenshot of teleport exit: A. B. Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Outdoor TP in order to have a way to access the backyard of the house without going into the interior of it or doing something that wouldn't be considered realistic in a heavy RP server. I've placed two options not because I want both, but rather I would be happy with any of them as it's the only alternatives I can see to RPly get to the backyard. Even if I have a personal preference for the A alternative. Bellow there are gifs on how I was able to get to the back from the exterior and why I'm requesting it as they're pretty low RP-wise.
  2. AkaTenshi

    ((Car was already bought))
  3. Find it odd ex-staff saying that when in the game rules clearly states:
  4. AkaTenshi

    Honest question, ist it allowed to roll during a gunfight? Cool video, I enjoy the music choice
  5. AkaTenshi

    Yet your suggestion does nothing to produce more jobs, instead, the suggestion relies on a system very "gammy" and RPGish (that can be traced to the same games that you've mentioned before). People can always do something, but we have to observe the community around us and with independent eyes see what's needed and what's not and we don't need more RPG systems that won't add any sort of RP or value to the economy. If you indeed need a script to tell you that food, water and electricity are things that your character needs, then maybe a hardcore roleplaying server is not the server for you because as far as I know, most players I've RP'd with roleplay having to eat and drink which makes them use the various food / water items available IG, which is quite the contrary of "not trusting the player base" this sort of RPGish systems destroy freedom of choice and don't reward creativity. We don't need more holes to sink our money in just because someone thinks that our character should eat 150$ in food, spend 200$ in electricity and drink 300$ worth of water. I would like to have those choices being left for me to do, where she/he spends her/his money it's up to them and so what they should eat, drink or spend in utilitarians.I'm all up for realism but not at the expense of freedom, creativity and narrative.
  6. AkaTenshi

    Indeed this suggestion is going to add nothing besides more farm which is the opposite of RPing. I don't get this hunger for "realism" when the're a lot of other systems that are not the slightest realistic and things that would generate and make money circulate (plumbers, electricians) are not in place, so this is a big "No,no" from me. I'm here to RP not to work a second job besides the one I do RL and we don't need another money sink we already have the taxes for that. If the suggestions were to implement any kind of new job, that would make /some/ sense, but if it's just going to be another way of taking player's money without no RP effort, then I don't see use for this new system.
  7. AkaTenshi

    For me, roleplaying is all about the creative opportunity that it's able to fulfill and the fact that it's an almost freeform way to play video games. I must warn everyone that has read so far to stop reading if you're easily offended or you don't like unpopular opinions since mine's one of those and I'm typing this with a glint of hope that someone will read my post and it won't get deleted (which might happen, because... Unpopular opinion). I'm "in-and-out" of GTAW because I feel like there's way too much "admin interaction", what I mean with that is that the server sometimes feels like you can't go anywhere without knowing ( in a friendly manner) an admin and what is justified as push to quality RP sometimes feels like it's just an excuse to enforce parameters that are not present in the rules but rather inside someone's head. And that's not the only instance that I found of too much "admin interaction", per example, in order to get a supply of weapons in this server you have to contact an admin to do it and they will evaluate if you're /deserving/ of this, this method favors favoritism instead of merit/quality RP. The answer to that last problem is going to be "But that's to ensure to not have weapons everywhere and to reward quality RP" which can be countered by various psychological/psychiatric studies that prove that favoritism is something that a human being can't really erase completely because his/her POV will always be his/her own and not everyone's else. What can we change? We can create methods that involve roleplay and within limits (per exe with weapons: Only X weapons per faction and Y overall that week/month) and also to create / edit a thread in order to explain the player base what's the overall vision for the server because that's a gray area that's not clear at all which leads players to feel like they don't have a voice / an opportunity to RP things that they want because they will be rejected by the admin team. I've had several players tell me that they had plans for characters, business ideas, factions that they're afraid to even start because they "know" that it will be rejected by the admin team. With the current climate, you pretty much need admin interaction on a daily basis if you're to do something "big" and there's a set of "hidden" rules that are enforced because "roleplay standards" but the question that remains in everyone's mind is "What standards?" because at the moment, it feels like to regular players that it differs from admin to admin. Why does this matter? This would help the player count to stabilize because in order to create a community we need to be a place that welcomes people and is warm towards them, which I'm afraid we don't have. Because of the huge gray area and the constant need to have admin interactions people feel like they're getting cheated at, that they're just there to fulfill the roleplay of someone's else rather than to create roleplay, to enjoy the most freeform type of game that's roleplaying within a video game. At the moment, I feel like what cripples the server the most if the fact that most people feel like they're playing for someone's else fun. This is not the only thing that leads to that feeling, things like: Open sexism in disc/forum; Nazi symbology in people's signatures; Open homophobic comments made by the staff team ; Open racism in forum and disc; The fact that PD gets 95% of updates (which leads people to think that they only happen because @Nervous is the chief of the PD and that the rest of the players are an afterthought). I might just be old and stuff but I think that "memes" and being funny shouldn't pass as Homophobia, Nazism, Racism, Sexism or overall rudeness towards a group of people. They're supposed to be disruptive and I get that, but disruptive comments make people feel attacked which leads them not staying. Sadly this community doesn't feel like a community but rather various cliques of people that play in the same place but don't actually interact or want to interact with each other. When someone new drops into this reality the only thing that they feel is that they're left aside and that they don't have anything to do and can't do that much without the help of the cliques, they get bored and also leave. This is a prickly question, but I feel like first, we need to talk about what the admin team wants for the server instead of random enforcing of things and that people are not afraid of speaking their mind. Thank you for your time, P.S: About that last point, as I showed this post to a friend on disc I was warned to not post it because I will get on "the bad side" of the admin team, which is part of the problem that I spoke above. The player base is afraid of speaking their mind because they feel like they need to be accepted by the admin team.
  8. AkaTenshi

    Likewise, I can't also play because of that same error (after firewall fix). Having a non-steam version is great stuff!
  9. AkaTenshi

    Username: AndreaP Comment: Ready!
  10. AkaTenshi

    Character Name: Andrea Piccini Forum Name: AkaTenshi (Discord Name?): TenshiPT Property ID (of your house): 757 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): ID 26 (Can't understand if it's a garage or a warehouse from the SS's) or 72 Location of property (address or screenshot of map: 211 Alta Plaza Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  11. AkaTenshi

    Character name: Andrea Piccini UCP name: TenshiPT (Discord name?): TenshiPT Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 757 Location of property (address or screenshot of map: 211 Alta Plaza Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony