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  1. I agree with Radhwan. A lot of roleplay, whether it’s illegal or not, is restricted on a basis of it being “unrealistic”. I remember seeing an acquaintance prepare a well thought out character who looked extremely crazy in-game, only to be banned because the ex-admin thought he’s a troll. I think out of the ordinary roleplay should be more encouraged, and murder shouldn’t be punished so much OOCly. There are many things that can be changed to allow for more IC developments and punishments instead of punishing someone OOCly just because it’s easier to do so. my £0.02
  2. Can we talk about the usage of “as (s)he” being a replacement for “then” or “after”? ”/me applies some tape to the car as he puts the mask on” instead of ”/me applies some tape to the car then he grabs his mask, putting it on” or whatever variation. thanks.
  3. A week and a half ago I left my car for a full resto at a shop, for a few real life days. ?
  4. Nice one, boot.
  5. This one is tough to answer. I never role played relationships and that’s for two reasons: 1. The other end of the screen is most likely a dude (yes yes, “it’s all about the rp!” For you, not me) and I would personally find it odd. 2. I am not interested in ERP at all, zero, null. I don’t mind the idea of roleplaying a relationship as long as it doesn’t lead to ERP, and OOC is kept out of it.
  6. It’s what I did with someone yesterday. He blasted through an intersection like a rally car and I pulled him over, instantly in /b he has to go. I’ve heard this excuse so many times by now it’s silly. I told him RP it, but then I said fuck it if he has to go he has to go. so I told him, /vp and log off right here. He did. simple solution to avoid problems. gotta go? /vp -> f1 -> quit.
  7. Radios should be limited to people who would realistically have radios. I.e., PD, SD, FD, security guards, etc. If a racing crew or something wants a radio, then it should be acquired script-wise like a faction.
  8. "Inverto" Coquette should actually be "Invetero". Two instances of it.
  9. Please send me an email with all the details at [email protected] (( PM ))
  10. Overlooked type of RP in my opinion? roleplaying realistic assets. As an example... not being a mechanic and driving a $200,000+ car to your job in south LS. I wish there’d be more enforcement on people’s assets, especially mechanics (and I say this as a former mechanic myself)
  11. What? If people RP British characters what's wrong with them saying mate and lad? Even so, you do realize we live in a globalized world where people learn words from other parts of the world, right?
  12. Then plead no contest and make a case on the forum.
  13. Unique concept. I like this. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to seeing content from you all.
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